Wednesday, 25 January 2012

You're All You've Got!

Don't compromise yourself, You're all you've got!
How far would you go to please the crowd?

So many times we find ourselves in positions wherein we are forced to compromise. Compromising is good because sometimes for a relationship to work ( whatever type ) we need to bend down in order come to a mutual decision ,agree to disagree etc, but not at the detriment of your identity.

For example, love. Yes, so many people lose their identity in the name of love! We see people fall in love and the next thing you know,they've changed. Personality is different, so is the attitude. In a relationship, when someone truly loves you they wont ask you to compromise to the point of changing yourself just to suit their liking. If they do then they never liked you to start with because when you compromise yourself, you end up losing yourself. Why try and change a person you so claim to be in love with?
You're all you've got,believe it or not!

When you have finish sacrificing ''you'' what are you going to have left? Stand for what you believe in and use your head wisely when making compromises. If you're insecure and don't have an ounce of confidence in yourself it is very easy to sway to the wind....that is whatever pleases the crowd. You have to love yourself, look after yourself, cherish yourself and have confidence in yourself and that's not being selfish its called being sensible because only then can you give your 100% to others. Lest you forget,no one cares about dead bones!

Some people will say its in their genes, they love to help a damsel in distress, they have a big heart but please don't allow that big heart of yours to take you to a place where you would be asking questions with no answers.You have to know when to draw the line. Some are only there to use you and suck you dry like a ketchup sachet and after they're satisfied, they get rid of you, yes just like that. Your happiness is essential, so don't go compromising that too in the name of love and marriage. Remember while you are on your Samaritan duties,no one loves you better than you do and a sad person can't make anyone happy,so work on yourself.

You live your life for people, for the crowd, to see a smile on people's face and hardly ever stop a minute to see that ''you'' is OK. Do a good deed here and there but don't push too hard to the point where your smile would be lost in the process and you hardly noticed it. What good are you to people if you are losing yourself in the process?

Compromising yourself is not a guarantee for people to love you,its not a guarantee that they will be there for you forever neither is it a visa to a better life. When you done compromising till you don't even recognise yourself,who's going to rescue your lost soul? Not even you can rescue yourself because you wouldn't have a clue as to who you are any more and you better be praying hard for the person responsible to be by your side which is highly unlikely! Don't count on it,not everyone has a ''big heart'' like you. If they had to push so hard to change you,where is the love?

I appreciate compromises but only if its beneficial to both parties or if its going towards a positive direction. If its not then you are really better on your own. You don't need anyone to make you feel whole,it comes from within. Neither do you need anyone's approval to live your life,you've only got one so don't compromise it. If they find it so hard to love you for you,give them the fishing net...there are plenty more fools.....ooops I meant fishes in the sea.

Remember,for every time you compromise yourself, you are slowly losing ''you'' while giving a part of  ''you'' might be a need or a want and at the same time you are settling for less.