Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy New Year - 2013


I have the boldness to shout Happy New Year in early February. I tell you I am so ashamed of myself. I have no shame but I believe it is always better late than my readers I shout again in my very Happy and African accent .... *drum roll* 

*covers face*

Pop your favourite bottle and celebrate life! 

I have been on holiday, a very good one at that and i cant wait to update you all on all the good things that I encountered. Needless to say I didn't want to come back but unfortunately and fortunately for me its back to reality. Work hard, Play harder. I have also pretty much been occupied with this thing called life but hey..the good news is I'm back! This time its for the long haul..yea I said it, back for good. Hope all has been well and the new year has been good to you. If it hasn't, you still have 10 and the half months to make that change. 

Personally I always look at the new year as a time to turn over a new leaf and look forward to better things. People might tell you that you make a resolution each year but you're still in the same position in life. Just smile and say ''Its my life and I will damn well make as many resolutions as I feel like''. Don't let the noise of the market shadow the things that actually matter to you. Your happiness is concrete, your life is yours and the only thing you just about own. People are always going to talk and try to make you feel as if you haven't been doing much with your life, but what matters most is your conscience. When you are in this dark,lonely place all alone with your thoughts the only thing that is going to count is how well you know you have tried to make things work for you. As the saying goes...its going to be OK in the end and if its not OK then its not the end. Have a little more faith in yourself. I don't want to spoil it for you but in the end its going to be OK. :) 

Go ahead and make them resolutions and if you've already done them, give them one more shot as hard as it might seem. Its normally the last key in the bunch that unlocks the door. Keep trying your best and don't rest till your good is better and your better is best.

Because you're worth it and you deserve nothing but the best. 

Shine bright like a Diamond, i don't care what you use to shine yourself up, just make sure you stand out in all you do this 2013.

Forget what people think and listen to your inner voice, 99% of the time...its the best advice you'll ever receive. 

Go on, celebrate life, some people didn't make the cut into 2013. Now that's something to be grateful about.

Keep your smile swag on and don't let anyone or anything take it from you.

Make it your best year. I know I have plans to.  ;)

Till next time....(which is very soon)
Keep Shining!