Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Silence Is An Answer Too


You might not like it but it’s still an answer.You might not understand it but it is an answer. It might not be what you were hoping for but it is an answer. Life is not black and white. There are grey areas too and the quicker we learn to understand, embrace and accept that, the easier life becomes.

If someone is not answering your call or text or getting back to you in any form then you need to switch that common sense switch on. (Even though it is not common) Know when to stay and when you've overstayed your welcome. Friendships and relationships go a long way with that in mind. Good bye isn't always a bad thing. Understand that we can love people from a distance too. 

There may be several reasons for their silence but if they decide to not communicate that to you, understand that they don’t owe you an explanation.You need to learn to read between the lines. If he or she doesn't understand your silence there are chances that they’ll never understand your words. Silence is an answer too.

You will never understand but sometimes your silence speaks louder than your words. Your silence is a voice on its own. Silence can be very loud. Understand this!

A silent moment with a loved one is all we need sometimes. Try having a conversation in silence…simply beautiful.  Not a word just the loud silence air sweeping through. You’ll be surprised how satisfying and calming that is. Oh what a blessing it is to have the one who understands your silence.

Bask In It...

Some people can’t bear to stay in their own company, they despise it. They think their world is crumbling. That is because they haven’t discovered the strength of their silence and the power of alone time. Till they do they will be in the dangerous business of craving people’s attention at all times. If only they knew how dangerous that field is.

Use your silent time to collect your thoughts, revise and evaluate your life. Think about your past failures and future endeavours. Learn about yourself. Give attention to areas in your life where you have been lacking - self-love! Reason and see why certain things have or have not worked out for you. Utilise your silence constructively by diffusing negative thoughts with a dose of positivity. Spend quality silent time with your God.

Silence yourself so you can listen more. When you listen more, you understand more. When you understand more you enlighten yourself.  When you enlighten yourself you become more knowledgeable and you get answers. Silence is an answer too!

If Only You'll Allow It...

My grandmother once said to me, if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all. This is kind of a mental personal self-note to myself. I only learnt the value of my silence when I understood the power of my words. That is why experience will forever remain the best teacher.

People take years to develop their self-esteem. Years to be the person they are. I wouldn't want to be the one to destroy them with just one word due to my lack of understanding of the value of my silence. When it’s time to shut up, all you have to do is shut the hell up! No buts no excuses.


You don’t always need your words but if you must please use it wisely! Certain battles you can’t win with your loud and mighty words. When you feel like running your mouth, stop and think what you've often regretted the most, your speech or your silence? Silence is an answer too.

Silence is strength…bask in it.
Silence is a language…understand it.
Haven’t you heard the old adage, Silence is golden!

Just a thought my dear friends, just a thought.

Till then