Monday, 16 January 2012

Is There Ever Going To Be A Cure?

As a sickle cell patient, I have come to realise that whenever i am in pain from Sickle cell or lose a friend through this dreadful disease,there is only one question that comes to mind:

Is there ever going to be a cure for Sickle Cell?

This is a question that has been bothering me for a very long time. For those of you who don't have a clear knowledge of what Sickle Cell disease is,here's a short and simple definition of this complex disease.

Sickle cell is a blood disorder wherein the body produces sickle-shaped red blood cells(vision the garden tool,sickle )instead of a normal round red blood cell. These sickle cells are sticky therefore prevents normal blood flow through blood vessels and organs and when our organs are deprived of blood,this becomes VERY painful and causes a crisis,(a term used to describe pain in a sickle cell patient). This eventually damages vital organs and causes infections.

Sickle cell is mainly common in Africa,Saudi Arabia,India,Caribbean islands, Mediterranean countries, South and Central America. One thing about Sickle Cell,You don't have to be rich or poor for you to be affected.

I am now in my 20's and I still suffer from this disease as i was in my teens and childhood, together with my younger sister. Growing up,i have lost several friends through this disease. Its not something i take delight in talking about but then again someone has to at some point as some people have lost the fight of this disease due to ignorance and many other reasons such as lack of care, especially in African countries where facilities are limited.

Dont get me wrong, i appreciate the doctors' effort but is there ever going to be a cure, a total cure other than just mere management of this disease?? They have managed to conquer its causes, how it affects the body, and how to treat many of its complications but still no cure. Personally i think there is more to sickle cell than just curing its pain with Strong pain killers such as Morphine etc....what about the damage it does to vital organs that leaves a patient disabled for life??

A young friend of mine recently lost her life through Sickle cell (May her soul Rest in Perfect Peace)and whenever this happens, it makes me think that it could have been me.

Sickle Cell is an inherited disease. Fighting sickle cell is tough,especially when you know its through no fault of yours and there is nothing,absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.The constant fear of knowing you can go into pain at anytime is dreadful.There are so many limitations as to what you can do and cannot do,things you can and can't eat is,it's like living your life contantly on an edge.

On the bright side, with constant care and attention a sickle cell patient can live life to its fullest,but again just like everything else in life, nothing is Guaranteed!

This is not a cry of self pity,its just my way of passing on my own knowlegde of a disease i suffer from and maybe,just maybe it might help save a life somehow,educate and enlighten.

The question still remain, Is There Ever Going To Be A Cure?

To all Sickle Cell Patients out there:

Don't let ANYTHING hold you down,the sky ain't even your limit....Remember,you are not ALONE. Keep Smiling!