Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Girl with the Muted Elegance.

Girl I see you.

I see you struggling with your emotions. I see you behind that pretty I’m-Okay mask and behind that beautiful smile I see that teary eye.

Behind The Mask...

From a distance I sense your pain and your wavering self-esteem. I see you battle to get through the day and I see you play the happy girl.

I see you girl…I see you and I respect your strength.

I see you using social media as your therapist. And leaning on those likes and comments for validation. Girl I see you. I see you trying to find yourself through people and but all I really see is you getting lost in them.

I see how you diligently make Facebook your journal. But again I see a beautiful girl misplaced looking for answers in all the wrong places… I see a girl with endless capabilities.

I see your distracting mechanism. I see you snap at every little thing because you’re at your wits’ end. Take life off girl and rest.

I see you but I am not here to judge you. Heck I can’t judge you and I will never will be qualified to Judge you.

Girl I see you because I have been there. I was once that girl. I was that lost little girl.

But I am here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. All will be well and all will be well.

I was able to see you because we are one of the same. I like weird and awkward people. I like the rejects and I like the six fingers and the odd ducks. I like the misunderstood and I like the lost and broken. I like the loners, the one strand of grey hair and the underdog. I like the girl with scars and above all I love the girl with the muted elegance.

You know why? Because I am all of those.

It is perfectly okay to be vulnerable because vulnerability is transparency. It is okay to cry. I cry too. It is okay to not have it all together because that is the beautiful thing about life…none of us have life on a lockdown. We’re all trying to figure it out. One mistake at a time.

We're All Trying To Figure it Out

Stop beating yourself up. Stop walking on egg shells. Stop wallowing in self-pity and sadness. Stop. Stop being unkind to yourself. There’s insurmountable power in self-acceptance. Love yourself a little bit more…just a little bit more. Enough to not doubt yourself when you slip and fall.

You may never be enough in the eyes of some people and you may never be that girl but remember you’re not here to fit into a box. Look in the mirror and when you do, look into your eyes and there you will see the beauty that lies within.

Forget what you’ve heard. Forget what they’ve told you but more importantly recognise what you see.

Girl I can see the beauty. I can see the potential and I can see your greatness but it hurts me more to watch you whittle away…one Facebook status at a time.

So what… you failed at your relationship or you failed at being the super girlfriend. Or you failed at being the doting daughter or maybe those grades didn’t add up? So what? So what you failed at your job…so what?!

No experience is wasted. And don’t build a mansion on Regret Street.

Failure is information. Struggle is redirection. Ride your Journey.

When the lights go off, speak to that dark moment and ask it what are you here to teach me? Because believe me…every set back comes with a message. Listen up. Listen up girl.

Find yourself in your quiet moment. This can’t be done on Facebook. It can’t be done on twitter or snapchat. Social media is not your therapist. Believe me when I say out of the same mouth that releases praises…from there comes the harsh criticisms. People are trolling on social media looking for entertainment with a handful of popcorn and cola on the other hand.

Screenshots flying from one WhatsApp forum to the other. Your struggle becomes their tea and your life’s fight becomes their bedtime story. The truth is, if you put it out there for all to see, don’t be mad when you become the tea of the day. Don’t make yourself a victim.

Are you going to keep running to Facebook when things go wrong? I would love to promise you sunshine all year but that's not going to happen, there are going to be rainy days.. because that is life.

As a young girl I want you to own a journal. Pen down every challenging moment. And when you feel the urge to update your social media run to your journal…pen it down. When you feel the urge for validation, pray, pick up that pen and Journal and start writing.

Get A Journal
You'll Thank Me Later

When it gets too much, don’t be afraid to cry and above all remember there’s a God waiting on you to call on him. Man is fickle but God’s love is unwavering.

It works wonder. I assure you…that pen and journal will never judge you neither will God because he is not here for the righteous.

To the girl with the muted elegance…I challenge you to:

Learn to be alone. Enjoy your own company. Respect yourself and be kind to yourself. Speak positivity into your being and be true to yourself. Unapologetically ride your wave. Celebrate yourself. Stay prayed up.

Don’t try to figure it all in a day. Drink a lot of water. Life happens one day at a time.

You've Got This!

Our darkest moments lead us to a new passion and love for life. Wait on it.

And after it all, I hope you come out screaming. I hope you unmute your elegance. I’m here waiting…waiting to see you be the girl who will inspire other girls to use their voice.

I am waiting…patiently because I believe you’re going to come out of this stronger and wiser.

I want to see you be that girl. That Young girl who can do all things.

You'll Find A Way

Remember there’s nothing to prove to anyone. Live with an unmuted elegance and love yourself for the beautiful ambiguity that you are.

Allow Him

From the girl that cares…

From a distance.

With Love

Till Then