Thursday, 17 April 2014

Life Happens

Sometimes life happens and you just can’t lay a finger on what really happened.

Sometimes we think we know everything. We think we have this thing called life all figured out and in the twinkle of an eye the magic carpet is drawn from underneath us and we lose our balance. The plot thickens and the map becomes eligible. Where do we go from here?!

You’re young, free and wild and you live everyday like it’s the summer holiday. Not a care in the world and by the time you know it, Life hits you. It hits like a b*tch right on the place where it hurts. One minute everything was going as planned, and the next it’s like you’re going through a turbulent roller-coaster. What actually changed?

That Almost Perfect life... *SIGH*

You thought of this life, this life that is full of hopes, dreams and all good things that ever existed. You dreamt of the ideal job and perfect husband. The big house by the seaside and 5 kids running around in the back garden, dog and cat playing in harmony and you dreamt and dreamt. You dreamt of a life of abundance, bliss and lavish and a life of no worries.

 HOPES & DREAMS & ASPIRATION, hold on to that...

But you wake up one morning and things are never the same. You start to fight to recognize who you are. You struggle to find the next step. You lost sight of everything that once seemed so clear. Dreams start to look like nightmare and the life you have dreamt of for so long seems like a mere fairy tale from your favorite childhood movie. Life appears to be stagnant! 

Did you just stopped Dreaming?! How dare you!

However, you continue to dream, continue to wish and never once in your life stop to be the dreamer. No matter what anyone says. No matter how long it takes.Dream as much as you can but back those dreams with action.

In the midst of that stagnant situation, life happens. Life happens and we find ourselves. Yes the life you've dreamt of, the ideal life you imagined and the life everyone called a mere fairy tale happened all of a sudden. Sometimes we just need to be still to regain the lost plot. We need to be still to be able to listen we need to be still to hear the still small voice.

Right in the middle of all the shattered dreams, fading hopes and vanishing aspirations, we learn life’s valuable lessons. We learn the essence of patience, persistence, hard work, hope, trust and the art of believing and finding happiness in every situation life presents.

Above all we learn to trust God more and lean not on our own understanding. We learn to trust God’s timing, we learn and we learn and we learn. We start to look at life through a different lens. We gain a clearer vision and become a better person with a new meaning for life. You become a dreamer with a vision.

People tell me I am looking for a fairy tale kind of love, a fairy tale life but what they don’t understand is I am a dreamer in search of a dreamer and one day I am going to wake up next to my dreamer. Only a dreamer knows the heart of a dreamer. They say I wish for fairy tale but I only wish for what my heart desires, and so should you.

I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. I believe because there are immeasurable reasons for us to believe when I venture to open my eyes and look around. Think about the trees that flourish with no one to care for them and the sun shining every day but rarely appreciated. Imagine the rainbow and the clouds, even the wind and the stars. Tell me why I shouldn't believe in magic, miracles and my dreams.

Till you get what is it you're finding, don't settle...

What if you didn't get the life you dreamt of? What if things haven’t gone the way you dreamt it? So what?! Life goes on. Life continues to roll beautifully just make sure you set time apart to see the beauty in every passing second – as hard as this might be.

Have the COURAGE to continue dreaming...

Don’t dim the light. Never stop dreaming. Continue to fuel your dream. Never lose hope. Once there is life, there is this thing called hope. You’re going to wake up one day living that dream you have dreamt like forever. You’re going to be experiencing the life that the non-dreamers said was just a fairy tale.

Never Lose Sight Of HOPE...

This is the big wide world. Shake off those ridiculous rules you set for yourself and take your happiness seriously. Walk away from anything that refuses to plaster a smile on your soul. Your happiness is serious business.

Believe. STAND IN A POSITION OF STRENGTH and not of insecurity and fear. Stand strong and firm and remember that even miracles and dreams take a little time. 

........and baby you just have to be patient.

There is always something to smile about if only we take the time to look around.

With that i will leave you with my favorite Scott Fitzgerald quote.

Believe. Dream. Hope. Aspire.

Till then