Monday, 30 January 2012

''It's Barbie Bitch!!'' Child, say what?

Now I see the new trend is to label oneself with meaningless,degrading and stupid names.

Born into this world with a meaningful name and brought up as a God-Fearing child with morals and manners. For this your parents were hopeful.
Yes, hopeful until you grow up and decide to chuck your morality and manners into the gutter and forget where you came from. So you christened yourself with a new name...''Its Barbie Bitch!!''
But why??  Slap yourself for that error!! 

Why would you want people to refer to you as ''Barbie''? 
  • Do you know the damage that name does to your intelligence? 
  • Do you know the impact of names on people?
  • Which employer is going to employ Barbie?
  • Which serious guy would take ''Barbie'' home to meet his parents? ( except of course he is ''ken'' in other words a waste-man )
  • Do you know the image ''Barbie'' creates in my mind?
Ha! My friend slap yourself again!!
Since you decide to call yourself Barbie i guess you wouldn't know the answers to the above questions but I'll tell you.

First of all, try to define Barbie in your mind. Its a doll,yes child it's a plastic doll with no brains. Now try to picture what people normally do with dolls. They play with them and when they are tired of playing with them they recklessly dispose of them. Now who plays with dolls? Kids of course,i don't know of any adult that spend their spare time playing with dolls,Barbies to be precised. Not to forget the fact that its sold in a shop,bought with cash and it can be thrown about as hard or soft as the child wishes.

Now picture yourself  ''Miss Barbie'', is that how you want your life to go? Is that how you want people to perceive you? I don't think so.

When i hear girls call themselves barbie i just assume they are DUMB and BRAINLESS.Pardon me for judging you Miss B but you left me with no choice but to make assumptions. I don't care how many PHDs you've got, if you dare to give yourself a doll's name, I'll be daring too to strip you off all your intelligence. C'mon girl, Barbie? The sad thing as well is the attitude and pride with which  they say the name with... ''Its Barbie Bitch!'' (Now don't get me started on the Bitch section! ). In case you didn't know, no one will take you serious, no one. Except of course your fellow Barbies and your waste-men Kens. Even a child wouldn't take you serious,because you have the same name as their plastic doll at home which they toss and kick about as they wish. Is This Life??

Finding a job is hard as it is with the recession and all,now adding Barbie to that equals LIFETIME UNEMPLOYMENT.  Finding a job will prove impossible,let alone a good job. No employer will employ you with that name because as i said, no one takes dolls seriously. Yes you love the name because of its association with celebrities but don't forget that's how they make their money and gain fame. A typical example would be Nicky Minaj, she has become extremely famous and Barbie is like her household name.She dresses like one and acts like you wouldn't want to do that in the real world because even if you get recognised,( which is highly unlikely ) It won't get you nowhere . Child, Get Real!!

Barbie will always attract the Kens of this world,but the chances of finding a real, good man? Forget it! Which serious guy will take you home to meet his mama?  You have portrayed yourself as a plastic doll, normally trashed after use,bought with money, an airhead etc etc. Now do you think any real man would take you seriously...OK I'll tell you, NO! You'll definitely attract them because guys are like that but since you are Miss Barbie they will PLAY and  DISPOSE of you as soon as they are done and you know why because that's what they do with Barbies and they won't be taking Miss Barbie home to meet the family. Child wake up and smell the coffee!

Ladies,please think before labelling yourself with degrading names like Barbie and the likes. I know you are envious of the stick figure the doll is built with and the glamorous wardrobe Barbie comes with but don't compromise your self to the extent of labelling yourself. Be confident in your skin and destroy all insecurities. Love yourself for who you are. You know you can achieve that glamorous wardrobe with your birth name if you're hard working and stay focused, you don't need to label yourself for that. If you so desire fame and popularity, take a look around, there are so many people famous with their real birth names, for example Barack Obama. So you can do it too.

And to all the ''Kens'' (waste men) of this world...please stop! you are giving false hope to these girls and few years down the line,they will be of no use to anyone including you why lead them on?

Well forget leading the girls on,what about you  yourselves?? No level headed woman will date you or take you home to, never! This is true as you won't be able to bag a job as no employer will employ you with your funky haircut and trousers down your waist line as if you're a penny short to buy yourself a belt! As for the way you speak..that is another issue. For crying out loud,speak proper English! Labelling yourselves with all these ''gangster'' names is a recipe for disaster and it does not make you a GANGSTER,neither any richer. 50 cent is earning his cents and so are the likes of him....the question is,what are you doing with your life?

Take a second,think and change your direction if need be. Respect the person you are and dream big. Dream to become someone,someone of value to society.

You might be looking like 50 cent,dressed like Lil Wayne and speak  like Jay Z but remember your bank balances are never the same!

Never mind the lyrics...Life in plastic is NOT Fantastic!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Be your own that too much to ask?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekend Quote

''There comes a time in our lives when we have to choose,
 yes choose....
 between turning the page or closing the book.''

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

You're All You've Got!

Don't compromise yourself, You're all you've got!
How far would you go to please the crowd?

So many times we find ourselves in positions wherein we are forced to compromise. Compromising is good because sometimes for a relationship to work ( whatever type ) we need to bend down in order come to a mutual decision ,agree to disagree etc, but not at the detriment of your identity.

For example, love. Yes, so many people lose their identity in the name of love! We see people fall in love and the next thing you know,they've changed. Personality is different, so is the attitude. In a relationship, when someone truly loves you they wont ask you to compromise to the point of changing yourself just to suit their liking. If they do then they never liked you to start with because when you compromise yourself, you end up losing yourself. Why try and change a person you so claim to be in love with?
You're all you've got,believe it or not!

When you have finish sacrificing ''you'' what are you going to have left? Stand for what you believe in and use your head wisely when making compromises. If you're insecure and don't have an ounce of confidence in yourself it is very easy to sway to the wind....that is whatever pleases the crowd. You have to love yourself, look after yourself, cherish yourself and have confidence in yourself and that's not being selfish its called being sensible because only then can you give your 100% to others. Lest you forget,no one cares about dead bones!

Some people will say its in their genes, they love to help a damsel in distress, they have a big heart but please don't allow that big heart of yours to take you to a place where you would be asking questions with no answers.You have to know when to draw the line. Some are only there to use you and suck you dry like a ketchup sachet and after they're satisfied, they get rid of you, yes just like that. Your happiness is essential, so don't go compromising that too in the name of love and marriage. Remember while you are on your Samaritan duties,no one loves you better than you do and a sad person can't make anyone happy,so work on yourself.

You live your life for people, for the crowd, to see a smile on people's face and hardly ever stop a minute to see that ''you'' is OK. Do a good deed here and there but don't push too hard to the point where your smile would be lost in the process and you hardly noticed it. What good are you to people if you are losing yourself in the process?

Compromising yourself is not a guarantee for people to love you,its not a guarantee that they will be there for you forever neither is it a visa to a better life. When you done compromising till you don't even recognise yourself,who's going to rescue your lost soul? Not even you can rescue yourself because you wouldn't have a clue as to who you are any more and you better be praying hard for the person responsible to be by your side which is highly unlikely! Don't count on it,not everyone has a ''big heart'' like you. If they had to push so hard to change you,where is the love?

I appreciate compromises but only if its beneficial to both parties or if its going towards a positive direction. If its not then you are really better on your own. You don't need anyone to make you feel whole,it comes from within. Neither do you need anyone's approval to live your life,you've only got one so don't compromise it. If they find it so hard to love you for you,give them the fishing net...there are plenty more fools.....ooops I meant fishes in the sea.

Remember,for every time you compromise yourself, you are slowly losing ''you'' while giving a part of  ''you'' might be a need or a want and at the same time you are settling for less.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

What Happened??

We live in an overly advanced world and the rate at which it's developing is rather alarming to say the least. I love gadgets, I love technology, I love anything that makes my life easy. Yes I do but what happened to the good ole days where we find joy in doing things manually with simplicity?

I remember the days of heating up our food in a nice hand-crafted aluminium pot over a fireside that was made from wood chip,match and charcoal as opposed to the use of the microwave or cooker which happens to be a big addition to our technology age. Oh and lest i forget, the taste of the food is just out of this world when compared to a microwaved dinner,lest i add the yummiest crunch at the bottom of the pot ( In my country we call it KRAWO). That is often looked forward to more than the food itself.
What happened?

What happened to the days of writing letters,be it business or pleasure. It always had and will always have a different impact. Now we send emails and texts like there is no tomorrow,left right and centre!I understand its faster and economical for businesses but I believe we used to do perfectly well before then. I still prefer a love letter from my loved ones as opposed to a love email.... doesn't even sound right! We now have Kindle, ipad and so on which allows access to books on the go just at the touch of a button. I want to wet my finger tips with my spit and turn the good ole pages of a book and just inhale that book smell ( readers y'all know what I'm taking about ).

The invention of mobile phone just top everything up. I believe the invention of Mobile phone brought a lot of stuff from the Old age to the New age. I personally cant imagine how we spent our lives without mobile phones.Imagine a mobile phone with a camera, a Sat Nav, emails,diary,music player,games,camcorder and not to talk of all the different mind blowing applications including the thousand messaging applications that makes us so unsociable such as whatsaap.The network providers don't make it easy for us either by providing unlimited texts and minutes that gives the urge to call even our worst enemies....just because we can!
What happened?

How can one be in a room full of people but yet find it hard to communicate with the ones around them? Thanks to Social Networks. Its like we are in a full time job just feeding the world endlessly with all the nitty gritties of our lives through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hi5 to name but a few. These social networks are FREE and addictive,and almost everyone is allowed on there. I said almost because some of them have the decency of putting age limit on them. Moreover, you can access these networks even on our mobile phones so basically,everywhere. You go out and everyone would be asking for your Facebook, forget phone number. Hellooo I do have a phone!
What happened?

Not to talk of the Blackberry Messenger commonly called BBM which is ever so popular among the kids....Yes kids! This is free and we all know what free means. Humans and Free don't go together. We tend to use, misuse and abuse anything that is free and the BBM is no exception. My cousin is 8 years old and she has a blackberry! unbelievable but true. People have been in all sort of accidents such as butting their heads on poles due to distractions from the BBM. Is this life?
What happened?

In as much as we complain and wish we had the old hassle free days back, we do love our technology as they provide a rather easy life for us,although when you take a close's actually a new stress level which we are oblivious to and why i do not know. Feeding our gadgets age is not cheap.Despite the recession,we would wake up any day and gladly queue for the latest Iphone or spend our house rents on the latest gadgets!

With that, I'll keep asking, what happened to the good ole days of simplicity?

Till then...xoxo

Weekend Quotes

Life is like a CAMERA.
Focus on what's important,
capture the good times,
develop from the negatives,
& if things dont work out the 1st time,
just take another shot!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Poem of the Week

The Value Of A Smile

A smile costs nothing but creates much.
It enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who give.
It happens in a flash but the memory of it lasts forever.
None are so rich that they can get along without it,
None so poor to have one.
Yet it cannot be begged,borrowed or bought.
It is something that is no good to anybody till it is given away.
If it ever happen that some people should be tired to give you a smile,
why not leave one of yours?
For nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give.

Written by Ria Rose

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Major LOL TV Moment

Eastenders is one of my favourite TV soap,no scratch that. Eastenders is my favourite soap of all time. It keeps me entertained,be it through laughter or tears ( yes I do keep myself entertained by crying, good for the soul every now and again) and never fails to put a smile on my face especially after a hard day's work.

Relaxed on my sofa,snacking on some fried fish, i positioned myself well in front of the TV so as not to miss any part. The episode that aired today 17th January 2012 is one i won't forget in a hurry. It was all smooth sailing but maybe smooth sailing is pushing it a bit when describing Eastenders as theere is not a dull moment ever, more so with Ricky and Bianca around....for example, the loud cry Bianca gives when calling Ricky....Riiiiiiccccckkkkkkkkyyyyyyyy!!! HAHAHAHA. Who can forget that?!? Not me.

Ok back to my LOL moment. In the episode,things weren't going too good between Ricky and Bianca lately, so Bianca asked him to leave,meaning move out of the house and leaving for good. Only for Ricky (dumb as always)to come back with a sore looking tattoo of Bianca's name on his chest!! I couldn't stop laughing. The funniest thing was the dumb look on Ricky's face and the horrific look on Bianca's. Why he thought that tattoo will save him, I have no idea but it was a sight to Behold!! I had to post it on twitter and Facebook simultaneously..and guess what,it was all over my timeline too.

This just made my evening and I thought to share. Some of you probably saw it but I must emphasise it's a must watch!

However, there is a moral behind this humorous scene:

A Tattoo Is Not A Quick Fix For A Rocky Relationship,It goes way beyond that.

Secondly,Never Tattoo Your Partner's Name On Your Body!(especially during rocky times)

Stay Blessed...wherever you are.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Is There Ever Going To Be A Cure?

As a sickle cell patient, I have come to realise that whenever i am in pain from Sickle cell or lose a friend through this dreadful disease,there is only one question that comes to mind:

Is there ever going to be a cure for Sickle Cell?

This is a question that has been bothering me for a very long time. For those of you who don't have a clear knowledge of what Sickle Cell disease is,here's a short and simple definition of this complex disease.

Sickle cell is a blood disorder wherein the body produces sickle-shaped red blood cells(vision the garden tool,sickle )instead of a normal round red blood cell. These sickle cells are sticky therefore prevents normal blood flow through blood vessels and organs and when our organs are deprived of blood,this becomes VERY painful and causes a crisis,(a term used to describe pain in a sickle cell patient). This eventually damages vital organs and causes infections.

Sickle cell is mainly common in Africa,Saudi Arabia,India,Caribbean islands, Mediterranean countries, South and Central America. One thing about Sickle Cell,You don't have to be rich or poor for you to be affected.

I am now in my 20's and I still suffer from this disease as i was in my teens and childhood, together with my younger sister. Growing up,i have lost several friends through this disease. Its not something i take delight in talking about but then again someone has to at some point as some people have lost the fight of this disease due to ignorance and many other reasons such as lack of care, especially in African countries where facilities are limited.

Dont get me wrong, i appreciate the doctors' effort but is there ever going to be a cure, a total cure other than just mere management of this disease?? They have managed to conquer its causes, how it affects the body, and how to treat many of its complications but still no cure. Personally i think there is more to sickle cell than just curing its pain with Strong pain killers such as Morphine etc....what about the damage it does to vital organs that leaves a patient disabled for life??

A young friend of mine recently lost her life through Sickle cell (May her soul Rest in Perfect Peace)and whenever this happens, it makes me think that it could have been me.

Sickle Cell is an inherited disease. Fighting sickle cell is tough,especially when you know its through no fault of yours and there is nothing,absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it.The constant fear of knowing you can go into pain at anytime is dreadful.There are so many limitations as to what you can do and cannot do,things you can and can't eat is,it's like living your life contantly on an edge.

On the bright side, with constant care and attention a sickle cell patient can live life to its fullest,but again just like everything else in life, nothing is Guaranteed!

This is not a cry of self pity,its just my way of passing on my own knowlegde of a disease i suffer from and maybe,just maybe it might help save a life somehow,educate and enlighten.

The question still remain, Is There Ever Going To Be A Cure?

To all Sickle Cell Patients out there:

Don't let ANYTHING hold you down,the sky ain't even your limit....Remember,you are not ALONE. Keep Smiling!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Weekend Quote

Life is too Short to remove the USB safely...
Have a Fabulous weekend....XxX

Friday, 13 January 2012

Silence is never Soo misunderstood.

Is your silence soo misunderstood?

No, never....or maybe on rare occasions when we have certain friends around us who think they are future tellers. NOT!

Growing up,I have been known to be expressive,argumentative,opinionated and often called controversial.This is quite interesting and unbelievable as I come across as a shy individual.
I am often MISUNDERSTOOD on various occasions and since I am an expressive person, I always end up in an argument till my side of the story makes sense.

Afraid to be MISUNDERSTOOD, I started to see it as a weakness and will activate my ''shy-person'' mode. I began to think silence was the way forward and that if I'm silent,this will bring an end to me being caught up in senseless arguments and people getting the wrong impression of me but the shy-person mode wasn't a solution at all because at the end of the day, you are who you are,trying to be someone else is hard work!

These traits was beginning to become a weakness, but I decided to embrace them and turn them into strength. With age, I grew to learn more about myself and noticed that backing down from an argument was something I never do and that is who I am. I had no other choice but to channel all these traits into something beneficial to others and enjoyable to me....and hence came along this blog.

I had to start off with the reason behind my 'soo misunderstood'. Every single one of our gesture can be misunderstood,your smile, your tears, your joy, your laughter, your pain, your loyalty,your attitude, your personality, your confidence, your happiness, your honesty, your endless love, your conservativeness, following your dreams, can all be misunderstood.For example,you smile at a guy, just to be polite can be interpreted wrongly and misunderstood, you try to be a loyal friend to a friend when you caught his boyfriend/girlfriend cheating can be misunderstood,walking with your head and confidence up high can also be misunderstood for so many other attributes such as pride, arrogance etc

This is just an intro..more time to delve into it ..more time but for now lets take it one day at a time. Mean while remember...once or twice in our lives, we've all been in the position of ''Soo Misunderstood''.

Till then