Friday, 13 January 2012

Silence is never Soo misunderstood.

Is your silence soo misunderstood?

No, never....or maybe on rare occasions when we have certain friends around us who think they are future tellers. NOT!

Growing up,I have been known to be expressive,argumentative,opinionated and often called controversial.This is quite interesting and unbelievable as I come across as a shy individual.
I am often MISUNDERSTOOD on various occasions and since I am an expressive person, I always end up in an argument till my side of the story makes sense.

Afraid to be MISUNDERSTOOD, I started to see it as a weakness and will activate my ''shy-person'' mode. I began to think silence was the way forward and that if I'm silent,this will bring an end to me being caught up in senseless arguments and people getting the wrong impression of me but the shy-person mode wasn't a solution at all because at the end of the day, you are who you are,trying to be someone else is hard work!

These traits was beginning to become a weakness, but I decided to embrace them and turn them into strength. With age, I grew to learn more about myself and noticed that backing down from an argument was something I never do and that is who I am. I had no other choice but to channel all these traits into something beneficial to others and enjoyable to me....and hence came along this blog.

I had to start off with the reason behind my 'soo misunderstood'. Every single one of our gesture can be misunderstood,your smile, your tears, your joy, your laughter, your pain, your loyalty,your attitude, your personality, your confidence, your happiness, your honesty, your endless love, your conservativeness, following your dreams, can all be misunderstood.For example,you smile at a guy, just to be polite can be interpreted wrongly and misunderstood, you try to be a loyal friend to a friend when you caught his boyfriend/girlfriend cheating can be misunderstood,walking with your head and confidence up high can also be misunderstood for so many other attributes such as pride, arrogance etc

This is just an intro..more time to delve into it ..more time but for now lets take it one day at a time. Mean while remember...once or twice in our lives, we've all been in the position of ''Soo Misunderstood''.

Till then