Friday, 14 February 2014

Don’t leave it too late…What if Tomorrow Is Too Late?!

Happy birthdays have become HBD on the likes of Facebook and Instagram and twitter. No one has the time. Will the few extra letters kill you?

Bereavements are announced on Facebook; picture of the dead is being posted for all to see and freely circulated on whatsaap. What happen to respect for the dead?

We publish picture of unborn babies even before it forms a shape. I understand you are excited and all that but give it a minute. What happen to cherished moments?

We forget our parents; we forget they are growing old. We forget they need us more than ever as the clock ticks. Make some time.

We over think situation and the fear of what if holds us back. Do what you want to do, right here, right now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

We watch from a distance and see the person we love walk away from our lives. We dread walking up to them and tell them how we feel. The only moment you have is now!

We get sucked up in this chaotic life and forget out relatives, friends and loved ones. We are busy finding a living and in the meantime abandoning important relationships. At the end of the day the only thing that we’re left with is the relationship we make.

Value Your Relationships...Make Time!

We’re flying high, living in the fast lane and making big bucks. YES! Life is good. Don’t forget your loved ones. Sometimes they don’t need your money, just your time. Make some time.

Your bank account might be looking all healthy and fit but are your loved ones looking just as healthy? Do you know how they’re faring on? Do you remember their birthdays and anniversaries? Cherish your relationships!

Don’t wait till they’re on their sickbeds before you jump at the opportunity to care. Sometimes even with all the money in the world, it does gets a little too late.

You hurt someone, apologise. You stepped on someone’s toes, apologise. Pride and ego kills faster than rat poison. You’ll still be whole after you say sorry, don’t worry!

I get it. We’re humans and sparks do fly sometimes. However, watch your words. Choose your words carefully. Never end a conversation on a bad note. Hurtful words never suffice for a good ending. Words are powerful and the last you might ever say to someone might be a bad note. What time have you got to make amends?

Be polite. As Eric Hoffer rightly said, rudeness is a weak imitation of strength. Respect is reciprocal. Please and thank yous are so rarely used these days. Everyone expects something back but finds it hard to give. Give respect and it’ll be returned back to you!

You have a dream, pursue it. Go after it. Run along with it, till you get what you want. There is never a perfect time. The perfect time is the time you decide to make a start!

You’re there thinking they’re going to be around forever. Stop! There comes a time when the village idiot becomes wise. Don’t take people’s love for granted. One day, you’ll look through a microscope and you won’t be able to see a molecule of their presence, neither their shadow.

Grandmothers!!! Do not forget them. Care for them. Show them you love them. All they need is your love and the feeling that you are there. They don’t need your money.

Your wives, husbands, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other:  Love, respect and care for them. Sometimes it’s not what we say; it’s what we don’t say that speaks louder!

Your kids: Give them that attention they crave. Love and care for them. When they’re old and grey your love is what they will remember, and that is what will remain with them.

Don’t give your loved ones the opportunity to doubt your love for them. You shouldn’t even have to say it. The way you treat them speaks volumes! Treat people like it’s the last you’re seeing of them.

One day it’ll be too late so give this life your best shot!

Don't live life in the What If Lane...

You don’t need a lot to show your love. All you need is to make time.

No man is an island, no man stands alone. You need people. You don’t expect them to come running when you need them if you you’ve treated them like they don’t matter.

What we forget is, when you take care of a good thing, that good thing will take care of you. Best believe.

You leave it till they’re dead, even your money and presence then won’t make things right.

With that, I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to celebrate your love in the littlest way possible.

Remember To Color Your Life With any given chance!!
Happy Valentine's Day

Till then