Friday, 9 August 2013

‘’Finders keepers, Losers Weepers’’

We all know London and its temperamental weather conditions. Since the rain destroyed my shoes… (RIP to my Pointed Gold and Black Shoes) My brother actually said to me who wears Gold shoes these days. I couldn't help but laughed out loud and told him I am special, that’s why. What else can I say… he will never understand. J

On my way home from work I decided to go to Westfield’s shopping center and get a replacement. (A girl gotta look good) As I got out of the train station I realized I needed the cash point. Walked to the cash point and waited in the queue but the lady in front of me was taking forever. Got me kinda irritated… can’t lie (Yea I need to work on my patience...hmmm)

Nevertheless, I waited my turn. As I was about to insert my bank card into the machine, I saw this pile of cash hanging from the cash dispenser. I was shocked. I was baffled. I stopped and scratched my head (I do that when I’m confused) and for a brief moment I was filled with confusion. I didn't know what to do. I looked around and no one was watching. I took the cash.

-The Golden Rule -

The urge to put it in my bag and continue on my way to the mall was immense. It was almost uncontrollable. I counted the cash and there in my hands was £70. This money was pulling me towards it like a magnet. I started sweating. Phew!

The lady who used the machine before I did must have left it there and walked away.  With the money in my hand, I continued to look at her as she walked away. I then snapped back to reality and try to put that woman in my position. I wouldn't want to lose £70 like that. I wouldn't want anyone to steal £70 from me. I asked myself if I would like someone to return my lost hard-earned cash to me and of course the answer was YES!

Without further thinking the phrase ‘’Do Unto Others As You Would Like Others To Do Unto You’’ spoke to me. I wasted no time in running after the lady and asked her if she just withdraw cash from the machine and she said yes.

Here's our little conversation below:

Me: Hiya, did you just withdraw cash from the cash machine?

Lady: Yes I did.

Me: How much was it?

Lady: Why are you asking me?  (with a stinky attitude enough to make me change my mind)

Me: Oh I was just returning your money which you left at the cash dispenser few minutes ago.

Lady: (eyes wide open she starred straight into my eyes with an automatic mood change) Oh it was £70, thank you so much, thank you so much….Thank you. God bless you…God Richly Bless you. (After few seconds I lost count of the thank yous and God bless yous)

Me: (Smiled with an inner satisfaction) Amen…amen (was all I could say really)

As I walked away with what was the best feeling in the world, I looked back and she was still in amazement….smiling and carefully tucking the cash into her handbag. I was really happy I had the decency and wisdom to return her money to her.

I could have walked away with it, spent it all in the mall and thought, yes I have been lucky today. But no, that was my way of blessing someone else’s life. The gratefulness in her voice was enough to tell me that she needed that money….maybe even more than I do. Besides it was her money. Not mine. It was only right to return it back to her.

I am not going to tell you that I didn't have the urge to take that money and run, because I did. I am no saint. The fact that no one saw me made it all the more harder an urge to resist. But still I rise! I am not ready yet for the riches of this world to put a dimple on my character. It’s never worth it in the end. If someone had asked me prior to this incidence if I would return money I found, my reply would have been a straight and quick no! After all, Finder’s keepers, loser’s weepers.

R E A L L Y?!?

At the end of the day you are not the person everyone sees daily. You are that person who you are behind closed doors....when the world is not looking!

I thank God for instilling the fear in me to not take what does not belongs to me, the fear of not intentionally hurting someone who I can potentially help. The fear of saying no to greed. I might have taken that money but my condition wouldn't have changed, maybe it would have for a brief moment then what? I know I wouldn't have had the satisfaction I have now. I know that for sure.

There is nothing like inner peace. It was a test, a test which I passed with flying colours. For that reason I am filled with happiness and contentment. 

Till then…