Friday, 16 June 2017

''If You Want To Be Interesting, Be Interested''

I see the complaints. The forests and the shades. I read the hints and I sense the hurt. I hear the grunts and the moans. You’re fed up that your charm isn’t pulling the world towards you as it ought to. You’re doing all this because the world isn’t gravitating towards you as you think it should.


But Guess what? Nothing works until you start to work.

Nothing will change until you start to make moves.
Nothing …absolutely nothing will change.
People out here do not owe you anything and neither does the world.
You owe everything to yourself.

Can I get real …real with you real quick?

Grow up!

One of my favourite quotes from Dale Carnegie.

‘‘If You Want To Be interesting,

 Be Interested!’’

There is nothing you’re doing that is so special that haven’t been done yet. There is nothing about you that will pull and gravitate the whole world towards if you’re not pulling your weight. You have to put in the work. Every single day. 

You have to make a conscious effort to show up!

Yes you’re special but honey…not that special.

Why would I leave someone who shows a genuine interest in me for someone who rests on their laurels and expect everything to come to them?
Why? Just why?

Let’s take this social media for example. You rant and rant that no one is liking your stuff or showing interest in your work. You throw tantrums that people pay you no attention. You throw a hissy fit for all the things you think people are doing wrong.

But what are you doing wrong?

But let me give you a mirror real quick.

Do you pay people attention at all?
How’s your level of tolerance and height of humility?
Do you go out of your way to give people a listening ear?
Are you always slamming and shaming people?
What do you normally talk about- just yourself?
How loud is your negativity?
Do you show interest in other people at all and their work?
How’s your level of activity?
Do you have an open mind or is it your way or the high way?
Do you lift people up?

If you have no time for people, they have no time for you either.

I have seen people take over timelines with the utmost arrogance and an inconsiderate flare of tactlessness when they have something new that they need people to pay attention to. They expect people to drop everything they’re doing and support them.

You post a picture and expects the whole world to be shook.
Why sir? Why ma’am?

Do you take time to visit other profiles and show interest? Like a picture or two, throw a comment or two?

See, you flooding my timeline or sending numerous messages asking for attention will never gain you a genuine and long lasting support.

Such confidence is illegal my friend.

You cannot force people to be interested in you, you have to earn it. You have to show them that you’re worth their time.

Where were you when they needed a like to round it up to a nice 11? Where were you when they needed a share, a pair of reading eyes or a comment?
If you want to be interesting, there’s only one way out…

Focus on being interested rather than being interesting.
In life, it’s not always about you.

Pay attention to people. Listen. Read. Comment. Ask genuine questions and participate. Go out of your comfort zone and have an open mind. Wake up early. Show up. Make an effort. Dare to understand. Be present. Aim to be interesting. Congratulate people. Celebrate others. Check on them. Be curious. Follow up. Find a common ground. Be committed. Care. Show concern. Talk. Network and be sociable.

Successful business people know their audiences and they understand the importance of winning loyalties. Put more energy into understanding people and building relationships before polluting them.

No one likes the guy that pollutes.

This applies to everything in life, in you relationships, academic institutes, family, social life and daily life – be interested.

You cannot influence people you haven’t taken the time to know. It’s almost impossible.

If you pay attention, everyone is interesting. It is a common and shallow mistake to think you’re the most interesting person in the room when you haven’t heard the stories of others. You want others to always be stroking your ego and showing up for you but you make zero effort towards them.

C’mon now…That’s boring.

You cannot be giving people 30% and expect 110% in return. Who are you again?!

You don’t make the effort to congratulate others but you like to be celebrated. You do not accept others but you want to be accepted. You’re not respectful and considerate of others but you want to be respected. You don’t support others but like to be supported. You don’t talk to people but you want them to ask you questions.

Hmmm how’s that working for you?!

Look here…no one is scared of you.

Whatever you put out…you get in folds.

Be genuinely interested in others, make meaningful contribution and give quality time to others - watch how you’ll become an interesting personality- a person worth knowing.

Life is not always about you…step out of your comfort zone and burst out of your bubble. You’ll be surprised at what you will find.

Get out of your own way – don’t be the reason you struggle in this life.

Be voraciously interested in life and people…you’ll in no time be the person everyone wants to know.

It’s a skill, acquire it.

We never stop learning...right?

Till then