Friday, 3 May 2013

Stick and Stones….

The Mighty Power Of Words!

Remember the old adage …….'Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me'.

Sticks and stones will break my bones …yes it will break you surely, but words will never harm me…No it won’t darling, but best believe it will damage you and leave you feeling like a worthless tissue paper. Now that's the power of words. What would you prefer...a good beating or a good tell off? 

Don't underestimate it

Physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally, words are way more damaging than sticks and stones. Basically, if someone opens their mouth on you…hmmm and I mean OPEN…you will wish a fire wood was thrown at you instead.

That adage is a whole lot of lie…yea I said it! (Shoot me) But then again I guess some people see it easier to shake off an insult than heal wounds. What they don’t know is words leave an everlasting stigma which is sometimes unknown to us until later in the future.

When I was young, naive and clueless, I used this adage a lot. It was evident I didn't know better. It made me feel tough and brave and fearless.  But as I grew up, I gradually realised that in fact the most powerful tool ever available to man is the tongue.

The Tongue is indeed very powerful– The question is, are you going to use it to break or to make?

Every so often we underestimate the power of words that comes out of our mouth. We really don’t know its value and capability to make or break someone or a situation.

With few kind and considerate words, you can save someone from committing suicide and with few hateful and spiteful words you can be the cause of someone’s death. Believe it or not, it is possible. 

The tongue is a very small organ which is capable of bringing a man as tall as 6ft to the ground with ease. Words have power and must not be taken lightly. You really don’t want to use your tongue to be the cause of someone’s misery. Our prime purpose in life is to help each other, if you can’t help them at least don’t hurt them. My Aunt once said to me; if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all. You have to know when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut….Now that is what my granny would describe as wisdom.

Some people take absolute pleasure in being someone’s misery. Are you that type of person? But why? Does your next meal depend on it? That Cruella De Vil movement needs to stop!  Watch what you say and think before you utter anything. No one is paying you to talk and I am sure your mouth won’t stink from few moments of thoughtful silence. If we knew how many times our words were misinterpreted, there would be much more silence in the world.

You want to drop a criticism, do it with caution and wisdom. Send your message across but don’t stamp all over the person. Always watch your tongue because you don’t want to leave someone more distressed and broken than when you first met them. If you’re not going to make a positive impact on someone’s life then I think it’s best to....leaave it yehhh!!

When you’re full of anger, be extra careful with your words. Surely you don’t have time to think when you’re blazing, but when has blazing ever solved any problems? Stop, Put that fire out, calm down, and think before you utter something you’ll regret. Words once said can’t be undone, no matter how many sincere apologies offered. The scars still remain. Scars that won’t heal easily.

If you can’t lift someone up with your tongue then you have no business pulling anyone down. You’re upset and things aren't going your way so you….shout, scream and set someone’s soul on fire with your hurtful words. After your rampage all of a sudden you feel good. You feel satisfied. You feel like a champ….yea! You feel like the King of the jungle Yea!   * Breaths down & Beats Chest*

OK King  Kong!  Now what? (My friend you have a problem. Get it together)

Well I've got news for you, you ain't a champ, you’re the biggest coward! You ain't no King Kong you’re just a tiny miserable mosquito who seizes every opportunity to torment people’s lives. That satisfaction you’re feeling is not really a sense of satisfaction, that is you using someone else to make you feel good about yourself and look better. That my dear is you being very insecure and displaying the highest level of low self-esteem.

More importantly, that is bullying, and just in case you are wondering bullying is not just physical. Some of us our words are greater bullies than our physical self. Your mood must never dictate your manners. Sort it out before it eats you out. Remember whatever you can’t control, controls you. Sometimes it’s not so much what we say; it’s more to do with how we say it. Child, Watch ya tongue.

Below is a short clip on the power of words. 

An awesome video which emphasizes the point made above:
                                    It's not so much what you say but how you say it. 

It takes one swift moment to destroy someone’s confidence with your words which took them years to build. Your unbridled tongue can destroy the strongest person. Your loose tongue can tarnish one's character to an unbuildable level. Your destructive tongue can whip a man down to tears. Your insensitive tongue can take away someone’s pride. STOP and THINK before you speak. Don’t let your mouth run faster than your brain can think, If it does then you my friend have got a big problem.

Moaning and complaining, you are never satisfied or almost impossible to satisfy so therefore you spread your negative energy, bringing everyone to your level. Party pooper!! Nothing or no one is ever good enough for you. Hold up; is your life really that sad?! Use your tongue to praise and compliment, it’s refreshing. Try it sometime.

Insults and gossiping… Help us baby Jesus!! G O S S I P I N G! Hmmm if you meet some people you would think our purpose on earth was to gossip and raining abuses. All they give out is bad vibes...left right and centre. They will spare no expense in running up the phone bill just to spread rumours. Is your life that short of amusement?! If you know the dent gossiping leaves on one’s character then you will rethink whenever you want to spread rumours. If it’s not yours to share don’t share! If you must share anything, share positivity.

Haven’t you heard?  ’’What you say of sally says more of Susie than of sally’’ In other words be careful what you say about other people, you might be revealing a bit of yourself there.

The aim of our lord Jesus Christ when he decided to give us tongues was to bless, heal and pick up others when they’re down. The bible doesn't condone reckless behaviour. Matthew Chapter 12 verse 36 states:  ’’I tell you, on the Day of Judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak.’’

Two eyes, two ears and one Mouth, only one mouth….Now let's take a moment and thank God that we only have one mouth. That’s a blessing right there. God knew what he was doing when he created mankind because Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if we all had two mouths. Whenever you have the urge to misbehave, just think ….two eyes, two ears and one mouth. Let that be your guide.

Words have so much effect on us and most of the time we don’t have a clue. A prime example would be a shop with a big bright sales card stating over 50% off. The moment you see that you get excited because we all love free stuff.  

The Power Of Words
You enter the shop, spend money you don’t have and leave with bags full of items you don’t even need. You buy because you saw the word sale in bright red and more so for over 50% off. Most times the discount on the items is not even over 50% off, however the choice of words lured you in and you didn't bother checking. The Power of words.

If you are still in doubt of the power of words, ask the politicians. They use the right words at the right time to get what they want. When a new government is about to take office, the people expect change so they preach change and what they deliver don't matter. The talk is pretty much what they do best. The people believe and cast their votes. How many of them deliver what they preach? The power of words!

In relationships, we use words like I love you. I hate you. People don’t forget these words. These are words people keep close to their hearts. All the more reason why we must think before we speak. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Hearts are often broken; trust lost and lives are never the same again. Don’t be the one responsible.The power of words.

One powerful line which perfectly illustrates the power of words for me is ’’I have a dream’’ by Martin Luther King JR. This is a short line spoken by a powerful activist. This line commands a movement, it empowers and encourages growth.  Even if you’re not a dreamer it makes you want to become one. This line persuades, inspires and breaks down walls. It makes you want to do more. That is how powerful words are. He could have chosen to say something negative but he spoke wisdom and positivity. Up to this day ‘’I have a dream’’ lives on. Choose your words carefully you never know who you might inspire.

Be warned!

Do you speak fine, kind, loving and positive words into your life every day? Do you ever remember to bless someone other than yourself? The bible says in Proverbs, Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. 

Parents….Do you speak life and positivity into your children's  lives? Use the power of words to your advantage and be a blessing. Select the words you use as you select the finest food from a fine menu. If need be, change your regular vocabulary and be a better person.

We are all humans and we fall short. No one is perfect. All we have to do is try to bridle our tongues and be a better person. As they say, practice makes perfect. One day you will look back and say Yes I am the master of my tongue. Let your tongue be your best asset and take responsibility for what comes out of your mouth. Not everything that comes into your mind must come out of your mouth. Learn to think.

Howeverrrrr, No one said don’t talk. Your voice is your power, so by all means use it and use with wisdom. A wise man fills his brain before he empties his mouth.

Your mouth is a fountain, you are either sprinkling living water or contaminated water. Whenever you speak you breathe life into words. 

What would you be bringing to life when you speak?  Speak something today that changes someone's tomorrow.

Till then …xoxo