Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Moaning…Whining...Complaining…Grumbling. Well hello grumpy!

Attention seeking alert.

Attention seekers, they are everywhere. Arrggh ….can we get some air please?!

This is something that has been irking my soul a bit so I thought I should let out a little steam on it. Yea I got a little time for that!

I find this very common now especially with the way social media has given us all a voice. Some use it wisely and beneficially, yes and I say Bravo!!  While others just use, misuse and abuse the system in order to fulfill their attention seeking ways. I am often tempted to reply but then I’ll stop and think…no!  If I do reply, then I would be feeding your attention seeking hunger.... So I do a Ray Charles and keep it moving.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I know the usual line ‘’ah it’s my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and I will post what I like and  if you don’t like it then the delete button is your friend…yada, yada, yada….’’ Being a social media whore, (just have to admit) I know that line too well but please try to be considerate and self-develop.  I can delete you alright but you’ll still remain the attention seeker and what happened to self-respect? No one likes to be around a person who constantly craves attention. That is tiring. Do you know how annoying that is? It is like babysitting a nursery… (At least I can understand if I was actually babysitting kids)

It’s almost like a plaque now. People whine and moan and complain so much that it makes me think if they are ever happy with anything going on in their lives. Always craving for attention.  But just why?

Going the extremes with the aim of catching anyone’s attention and I mean anyone. Now that is low. How lost are you?!  Is it worth it? If you have to go that extreme to catch someone’s attention then I’ll just have to tell you to stop. It’s not worth it. People are naturally drawn to things and people that interest them. If they are not going hard for you then chill ma, Chill pa. Please.

You are in a circle of friends but you think your voice soothes the soul more than anyone’s voice so all you think we want to hear is your voice and opinion.  Why? Is it that you love your voice so much? It is meant to be a conversation, so my friend, allow others to talk and express themselves. If I want to hear just one voice I’ll tune in to a radio station. Everything ain't always about you!

If  Loneliness Is The Driving Force Behind Your Attention Seeking Ways...STOP NOW & TAKE HEED

Always screaming you’re bored. Now that is just annoying! No one’s got energy for all of that misbehavior. Child, find a purpose. Find what you love. Find a passion or a craft and concentrate on it. Discover a new world you never knew existed. Do something you've never done before and stop being an unnecessary burden to other people.

You become tormented and agitated that the girls or the guys at the party are not paying you any attention today so you start sulking. Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue. Get with the programme!

So you’re wearing Uncle Louis and Aunt Gucci today and no one seem to give two rats therefore you start throwing tantrums just so you can get some cheap attention. Get a life! Be creative. Go out and explore. Think out of the box. Just keep yourself busy as best as you can (don’t mean that devilish busy) but an idle mind is the devil’s workshop so get busy.  By the time you know it, you might have just found your talent, who knows you might find a new passion for life because most people who crave attention like that are merely living life. They are existing… existing for attention. Find a happy place and when you do stay there.

I for one, I am not easily bored. It takes a whole lot for me to be bored.  24 hours is in fact never enough for me. I think for the world, and you know what that means. My mind is always running a riot. Most times it doesn't even make sense but it does keep me occupied.

Do people care to use their brains anymore?

We all love the spotlight every now and again. We all love attention every now and again but when you start craving it like you need it for survival then you know you need therapy and rehab. Why do you want the spotlight on you all the time? Now that is boring and uninteresting. Who wants to know why you are always bored? No one!

Are you satisfied after telling the world how you don’t like your fat arms or how no one likes you? Do you get a feeling of self-fulfillment? I am sure you do but how long does it last for?  Why do you continue to flood my time line? If no one is reacting towards your attention seeking rants then clearly no one cares! Get real ma.

However this can be seen as a personality disorder. In some cases it becomes dangerous and life threatening to the point where people cut themselves up. This is serious and runs deep. The absence of self-love can cause one to resort to attention seeking; forever needing someone to tell you how beautiful you are…Validation! You don’t need that. A hug a day keeps negativity away. YES it is alright to hug yourself and pamper yourself and tell yourself you’re beautiful because you were made in the image of the almighty. God don’t create ugly…best believe!

You Are Special :)

My advice, get some help. Take time out. Avoid social media as best as you can because they aid in feeding this disorder. Know thyself! When you do, no one can tell you otherwise and you wouldn't spend time seeking anyone’s approval. Spend some quality time with yourself. Invest in yourself. Shower yourself with some self-loving. See how that helps.

No one is going to love you better than yourself. The earlier we all realize that the better.  The greatest love of all is that which you pour on yourself. You don’t need all that unnecessary attention you crave. You’re just perfect.

Social Media as addictive as it is can be a beast. It can easily swallow you up or be helpful servant that can teach you something along the way. Don’t allow it to be a beast in your life. Never allow to get to that point where you become a tool for social media.  Let it be the other way round. Use it as a tool and to your benefit too and while you are at it bless others with your presence. Don’t be that annoying person everyone avoids!

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Till then…