Sunday, 22 January 2012

What Happened??

We live in an overly advanced world and the rate at which it's developing is rather alarming to say the least. I love gadgets, I love technology, I love anything that makes my life easy. Yes I do but what happened to the good ole days where we find joy in doing things manually with simplicity?

I remember the days of heating up our food in a nice hand-crafted aluminium pot over a fireside that was made from wood chip,match and charcoal as opposed to the use of the microwave or cooker which happens to be a big addition to our technology age. Oh and lest i forget, the taste of the food is just out of this world when compared to a microwaved dinner,lest i add the yummiest crunch at the bottom of the pot ( In my country we call it KRAWO). That is often looked forward to more than the food itself.
What happened?

What happened to the days of writing letters,be it business or pleasure. It always had and will always have a different impact. Now we send emails and texts like there is no tomorrow,left right and centre!I understand its faster and economical for businesses but I believe we used to do perfectly well before then. I still prefer a love letter from my loved ones as opposed to a love email.... doesn't even sound right! We now have Kindle, ipad and so on which allows access to books on the go just at the touch of a button. I want to wet my finger tips with my spit and turn the good ole pages of a book and just inhale that book smell ( readers y'all know what I'm taking about ).

The invention of mobile phone just top everything up. I believe the invention of Mobile phone brought a lot of stuff from the Old age to the New age. I personally cant imagine how we spent our lives without mobile phones.Imagine a mobile phone with a camera, a Sat Nav, emails,diary,music player,games,camcorder and not to talk of all the different mind blowing applications including the thousand messaging applications that makes us so unsociable such as whatsaap.The network providers don't make it easy for us either by providing unlimited texts and minutes that gives the urge to call even our worst enemies....just because we can!
What happened?

How can one be in a room full of people but yet find it hard to communicate with the ones around them? Thanks to Social Networks. Its like we are in a full time job just feeding the world endlessly with all the nitty gritties of our lives through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hi5 to name but a few. These social networks are FREE and addictive,and almost everyone is allowed on there. I said almost because some of them have the decency of putting age limit on them. Moreover, you can access these networks even on our mobile phones so basically,everywhere. You go out and everyone would be asking for your Facebook, forget phone number. Hellooo I do have a phone!
What happened?

Not to talk of the Blackberry Messenger commonly called BBM which is ever so popular among the kids....Yes kids! This is free and we all know what free means. Humans and Free don't go together. We tend to use, misuse and abuse anything that is free and the BBM is no exception. My cousin is 8 years old and she has a blackberry! unbelievable but true. People have been in all sort of accidents such as butting their heads on poles due to distractions from the BBM. Is this life?
What happened?

In as much as we complain and wish we had the old hassle free days back, we do love our technology as they provide a rather easy life for us,although when you take a close's actually a new stress level which we are oblivious to and why i do not know. Feeding our gadgets age is not cheap.Despite the recession,we would wake up any day and gladly queue for the latest Iphone or spend our house rents on the latest gadgets!

With that, I'll keep asking, what happened to the good ole days of simplicity?

Till then...xoxo