Tuesday, 11 November 2014

15 Lame things we do on Instagram

I strongly believe in the notion,

‘’Do what makes you happy and allow people to do what makes them happy’’

But sometimes we misuse our rights, failing to realise that to every right there is a responsibility. Some people do misbehave on social media, like they torture you all the way to the block and unfollow button.

It shouldn't be like that.

When a Smart App is left at the mercy of a not so smart generation. Guilty as charged

1. What if I told you that you don’t have to tag me when you comment under my posts on Instagram? Yea Instagram got that covered!

2. If I like 10 of your pictures and you start feeling Instagram happy and do a screen shot of my likes, just know I’ll never be that happy with your pictures again. Why would you want to put me on a blast?! I thought we were friends...boohooo

3. Oh so you can sing? You’re so talented. I wish I can sing. Errrr No! Stop right there. The shower is there for a reason, use it my friend. Even I sound good in the shower, you should try it some time.

4. You’re on private, with 2 posts and 300+ friends and following 1250 people….Why? What is your purpose on Instagram? Do not follow me.

5. You’re bored so you decide to empty your 1995 album on Instagram. Stop it...what a torture!


6. One outfit, same location, same occasion, different pose….allow it fam! It's Instagram not hi5

7. I love my active users on Instagram, in fact I consider myself one but honey, variety is the spice of life. Mix it up, don’t bore me with the 10 selfies a day, that is not what the doctor prescribed. Have you changed that much in 2 seconds?! I think not.

8. Bomb-ass picture with the lamest caption ever! I have held a like back because of this misbehaviour…yes I am guilty! That clever caption that normally looks really irrelevant under a great picture....yea stop that intelligent parade! Let the picture do the talking.

9. You’re eating your rice and stew and for some reason the taste flew to your brain so you decided to take a picture of it and post on Instagram. Rice and stew....??? Don’t ever post your rice and stew and can of coke, even if it was cooked by yours truly! Mediocre and nothing special…Next!

10. I liked one of your pictures so you decided to like my 40 weeks old picture in return. Babe keep that like, I’m sure I have a like-worthy picture other than my 40 week old one. Plus I don’t do like for like….are we in kindergarten?!

11. You know that neat, flawless white border you give to all your pictures, it doesn’t make you look deep and powerful and intelligent and soulful and creative and well you get the drift. Be you, even our lives are not that tidy!

12. Let’s be honest, Instagram is all about the likes, and if you ain’t liking my pictures, mate what are you doing?! Let’s get liking …it’s not that serious! It’s not deducted from your bank account either, release the ting!

13. #I #am #Tired #of #seeing #this #misbehaviour #on #IG. #Fix #it #Jesus   This right here is super annoying. The hashtag morons, go easy. I know you want those likes but this is making you look uber desperate! Take heart, one day you shall conquer your deserved likes in Jesus name!

14. There’s that thing where we can upload 2 or more photos in one go…yea a pic collage! My friend utilise that app and do not let me go through my feed thinking you’re the only person I’m following. That warrants a straight unfollow…behave, ain’t nobody got time for that!


15. On a more serious note when I go on your Instagram, I truly want an insight of your life, who are you, what you stand for and believe in, what are you passionate about and maybe a glimpse of your personality. Let your Instagram scream who you really are. After all Instagram in my opinion is all about creativity, if you want to showcase non-stop pictures, then my dear Facebook is your friend.

If you noticed you’ve been losing followers or even likes it might be because of one of the above reasons or something I haven’t thought of. I Laughed out loud after writing this. Stop acting a fool… Go crazy on Instagram, heck go insane but be considerate.

Till then