Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Foolish Things i Ever Hoped For

The most foolish things I ever hoped for.

Sadly so...Oh The Irony

The daily messages and spontaneous emails. The compliments that make your melanin flush and your white pearls come out to play, the letters sent and delivered by my ever reliable post man, the unplanned visits and pleasant surprises.

These were the foolish things I hoped for.

To trot and conquer the world with you, to visit our favourites place and make some sweet memories. The poems and riddles, the well written articles full of life and excitement, and how can I forget the brilliant brain hacks.

We will experience multiple sunsets in
different continents.
i Hoped

The excitement of waking up to you, the whisper of sweet nothings in my ear and the tight but yet calming and reassuring hugs to say everything is going to be okay. The heart-warming smiles that’ll put my soul at ease and the outburst of boisterous laughter that will forever echo in my ear when you’re not around.

The Whispers Of Sweet Nothings

These were the foolish things I hoped for.

A day that you’ll hang your fears and doubts and fully commit, totally, absolutely and completely. You’ll commit fully even though you know there are no going backs. We’ll do it together because there is nothing to fear. And with that we’ll have something divine and sacred to look forward to, a union that’s just perfect, as flawed as it might be.

I guess that was just a wandering mind hoping foolishly.

Me running back home from work just to see your face, and you rushing back to a home that smells of my freshly baked bread and smoothie recipes that I’ve carefully selected from YouTube. The look on your face when you’ll taste the not-so-nice ones but you’ll smile anyway because you love me like that!

The Homely Smell Of Freshly Baked  Bread...

To wake up at 2am and chat the rest of the night away. we’ll talk about nothing and everything with a glass of gin and lime, other nights we’ll laugh about everything and anything and 2 hot cuppas will do just fine while sitting on our kitchen counter, Listening to the pitta patter of the raindrops on our window.

2am Secrets And Confessions

Of All The Things I Ever Hoped For.. 

All I hoped for was to go to bed and calmly and peacefully lie in your arms, basking in the melody of silence that will never feel awkward. We will listen to our heartbeats and create happy thoughts...purely happy thoughts will flood our minds till we fall asleep.

Those were the foolish things I hoped for.

With the widest smile, I’ll watch our kids run in the backyard chasing fireflies and running in endless circles while the dog chase after them foolishly. Foolishly like the things I hoped for.

Playful and Happy Kids
- Of All The Foolish Things I Ever Hoped For

On the smallest couch they will jump on you and scream and shout just to fight for a place on the couch with daddy. And you wouldn’t mind because that is just what happiness is.

As you drop them to school each morning I’ll plaster a wet kiss on your cheek and that is just to say I appreciate you and I love you and a promise from me to you that, the best of our days, are yet to come. But more importantly that I can’t wait for you to get back to me.

But oh… these were only the foolish things I hoped for.

To build instead of conquer. To be happy instead of win. To love and love some more. To give more than I received. To be present in all we do and cherish every single moment, because moments are all we’ll have left when all is said and done.

To Build and Nurture...

To look you in the face and say yes I made the right choice. And to never be afraid.

I hoped to look you in the face and ask God

‘’How did I get so lucky?’’

But I guess it was another, just another foolish thing I hoped for

I foolishly hoped for you to be my safe haven, my safety net, where I turn for inspiration and other times, just your reassuring words that it’ll be okay. I wanted you to be my rainbow on a bad day, my happy place on a not-to-so-happy day, my melody when I can’t remember the lyrics.

A Safe Haven

For laughter that never gets old, for meaningless smiles that can change your day, for moments that’ll live forever, for good nights that turns into even greater mornings, for unforgettable times and unpredictable kisses, for all the spontaneous just because – I hoped and hoped.

For Laughter That Never Gets Old

The foolish things I hoped for.

I hoped for you to wake up to my ruffled afro and sleep stained face with the sun streaming on my melanin through the curtain lines. And I prayed for you to never get tired of this look but to always serve as a reminder that as flawed as something can be, you can still find perfection and beauty.

I hoped to be your go-to thought, a thought that will give you an outburst of laughter in a crowded room and a smile in the middle of your business meeting.

All I have ever hoped for was to keep you vibrating on high all day, an endless supply of energy that you can never get enough of.

But what do I know…. These were just foolish thoughts.

I had hoped to create a life with you where I’ll never forget to play and to always remember that it’s never about winning.  I hoped to build a life with you that is never set to anyone’s rules nor standard. A life full of randomness.

To Remember It's Never About winning

I had wished upon a star and hoped to understand that everything do not have to make sense as long as we’re happy.

These were amongst the most foolish thing I ever hoped for in my entire lifetime.

But as if you were dreaming, you wake up suddenly and all what you've ever believed is but nothing. 

All i could gather is, it was all and nothing at the same time

Once upon a time in a happy place…

I hoped and hoped but behold all I was doing was foolishly hoping.  

If I ever dared to hope again…please wake me up.

Remind me to Never Hope Again!

Remind me not to ever hope again…at least not foolishly!

Till next time...