Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Major LOL TV Moment

Eastenders is one of my favourite TV soap,no scratch that. Eastenders is my favourite soap of all time. It keeps me entertained,be it through laughter or tears ( yes I do keep myself entertained by crying, good for the soul every now and again) and never fails to put a smile on my face especially after a hard day's work.

Relaxed on my sofa,snacking on some fried fish, i positioned myself well in front of the TV so as not to miss any part. The episode that aired today 17th January 2012 is one i won't forget in a hurry. It was all smooth sailing but maybe smooth sailing is pushing it a bit when describing Eastenders as theere is not a dull moment ever, more so with Ricky and Bianca around....for example, the loud cry Bianca gives when calling Ricky....Riiiiiiccccckkkkkkkkyyyyyyyy!!! HAHAHAHA. Who can forget that?!? Not me.

Ok back to my LOL moment. In the episode,things weren't going too good between Ricky and Bianca lately, so Bianca asked him to leave,meaning move out of the house and leaving for good. Only for Ricky (dumb as always)to come back with a sore looking tattoo of Bianca's name on his chest!! I couldn't stop laughing. The funniest thing was the dumb look on Ricky's face and the horrific look on Bianca's. Why he thought that tattoo will save him, I have no idea but it was a sight to Behold!! I had to post it on twitter and Facebook simultaneously..and guess what,it was all over my timeline too.

This just made my evening and I thought to share. Some of you probably saw it but I must emphasise it's a must watch!

However, there is a moral behind this humorous scene:

A Tattoo Is Not A Quick Fix For A Rocky Relationship,It goes way beyond that.

Secondly,Never Tattoo Your Partner's Name On Your Body!(especially during rocky times)

Stay Blessed...wherever you are.