Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Not Your Average...

I love me some creative mind. Like a magnet I am drawn to them. Like a magnet I cling to them.

This young talented man caught my attention. His talent is insane. His creativity is just extraordinary for his age. I was intrigued. 

Considering my age, (I'm not taking this age thing very well...*sighs*) Victor Osman Forna and I hold long interesting conversation. It feels like I’m actually talking to someone within my age rank. You'll be wondering why I mentioned this but most people I've noticed cannot hold a good conversation even if their existence depended on it. I am talking grown folks too. That alone is a skill. This guy is just one interesting individual too and wait for it.....we have never met in person. So once more I thank technology and social media which have succeeded in making our world one small place.

Oh...he's a genius with a capital G and he’s from the motherland too, Sierra Leone. Smashed his GCSE's like a boss! What i actually meant is the least was a C!! Listen, when I took my GCSE's I had U in mathematics, which I think personally means Can’t-Be-Bothered-To-Waste-My-Time. I get it because God knows I wrote nothing on that paper. There was nothing to mark. It was only fair. So in my books anyone who can come out with an A in Mathematics is a force to reckon with. I would put his results on blast but I do not want y'all to start dribbling! 

Enough of his life...I think I've dug deep enough.

Among other things, this young man has a very assertive and creative mind. He writes poems and I absolutely love poems. I am always on the lookout for the next best thing. Especially ones that keep me inspired, motivated and make me think. I saw the poem and it spoke to my life. I love the way he thinks…

Healing process comes in different forms and for me one main path to healing is through others’ stories and testimony. When you read the poem am about to post, you will admit that it came from a deep, soulful  place and for that reason I respect and appreciate the time, thoughts, emotions and effort poured into this poem.

Writing is therapeutic, you might not know this, but you don’t have to be a writer to put pen to paper and pour your heart out. You don’t need any qualifications neither anyone’s approval. All you need is your pen and paper and your thoughts. Your thoughts don’t even have to be a collective one, just pour it out. When your heart is full, when the mind can take no more or when you can’t find a solace….put it into writing. There’s a healing awaiting and if you decide to share your story well that’s just amazing because in the process of healing your soul, you’re also helping another soul.

Here goes guys…Read, digest and enjoy!

Victor Forna ~ Not Your Average

Thoughts On A Rainy Day

Sitting by the Window… looking at the rain.
Drop after drop, thoughts fall upon my brain
Why do we suffer, why do we pain?
I just can't find the answer, no matter the much rain..
Closing my eyes, the rain I still heard.
Drop after drop, my thoughts were running mad.
They say God forgives, now that's just sad..
'Cause if he did why do mothers die?
'Cause if he did, why do babies cry?
Opening my eyes, my thoughts I still had.
Outside, the rain was pouring harder..
Inside my mind, my thoughts were getting madder..
Why do dogs die? They never ate that apple..
Oh rain! Tell me why! 'Cause they never ate that apple..
Why are we not all beggars?
Why are we not all royals?
All these questions… All no answers..
When the rain stops, I hope my thoughts will too..
But till the sun shines again,
I am sitting by the Window looking at the rain…

Praying these answerless questions get the f*** out of my brain.

It is always OK to release anger too while writing....it is OK! Just pour it all out.

Watch this space for the next ''Not Your Average'' (I like surprising people) 

He doesn't have a clue i did this. I felt it was worthy of sharing so i thought to do just that as i do with everything else i'm excited about. Stole your pic too.....sorry. *Hangs head in shame*

Till Then