Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Unrequited Love

That awkward moment when Cupid refuses to do his job properly…..the heart suffers heartbreak and goes into coma!

You Learn To Live Till Your Prince Finds You!

When you love someone and that person doesn't love you back…mehhh that’s just headache! You desire them. You long for them. You wish for your love to be understood and rewarded but all you get is constant air. You all know the human mind loves a challenge, so the more we are rejected the more we pursue! OK, I just want to stop you right there. Don’t be a fool about it, read the signs and quit while you’re ahead.

We all know this feeling all too well... (If you don’t, please get in touch, you might be the one that got away!)

We all have had crushes, present or past.  We've all had that one person we dream the rest of our lives with. We've all had that dream. The terrible thing is it doesn't matter your age; your love can be rejected. It doesn't matter your financial status your love can be rejected and thrown back in your face. It’s just one of those things that hit you at any stage or phase in your life. Love doesn't choose. If we had the pleasure of choosing who we love, we wouldn't have so many broken hearts. The heart wants what the heart wants. Period!

Love on its own is a very strong emotion. Now think of your love being packaged and thrown back in your face. That’s never an easy thing to deal with. It makes you think the unthinkable and do the impossible. It can jerk up your self-esteem. Appetites go out of the window. It can disturb you emotionally and mentally for a very long time. It can send your ever so peaceful mind into an unruly riot. More dangerously, it has the tendencies of making you settle for less than you deserve.

Just Don't Stay Stupid!

As you grow you learn. As you grow you learn to accept that your kind of love is not for everyone. Your love is special. It’s unique. It’s bespoke for the right person. Never force it on someone who doesn't recognise it or who isn't ready for it. If it is meant to be, you wouldn't have to force it on no one. The heart that is meant to love you will love you fearlessly. Lighten up chief. You’ll live. You’ll learn. You’ll love again!

Broken hearts are common, more common than you think. You are not going through this alone. So many people dream of their ideal partner that has never come to past. But that does not mean we give up on love. We love love even harder and get set for the next blow or the next fairy tale. Loving gives hope. If you've given up on love then you have given up on life. Don’t, just don’t!

You love him or her and they don’t reciprocate. Don’t die brother, be strong. Sister, dry those tears and adjust your tiara. It’s not the end of the world. That is just one person. The right one might just be one dash of hope away. Why give up on love?

In life you will encounter nos and yeses in abundance. Learn to accept them and move on. The wind doesn't have to blow in your direction all the time. Don’t you think you deserve better than crawling all over someone who doesn't want you? Easier said than done? I know I know…but you have to save your own dear little heart and the worst type of relationship to be in is one where the feeling is not mutual. Please, death is not your portion….at least not yet.

Don't Be a Damn Fool ~ Quit While You're Ahead!

My thought is, if everyone that you love loves you back, my friend I’m afraid you have a situation. You don’t need that ‘’Yes Man’’ problems around you. No challenge. No room for growth. No room for improvement. No Motivation. No Drive. No Stimulation. Nothing! Is that how cheap and simple your love is? I thought not!

Now I fully support you if you decide to listen to the saddest love song ever created, or fill a whole year’s journal in just one day, or cry your eye balls out, better still finish all that chocolate that’s been in the fridge since Easter (Just remember that gym membership is not cheap) My point is, do what you have to do to get over that UNREQUITED LOVE.

Few things you must remember when dealing with An Unrequited Love

  • There’s a reason that person doesn't feel the same way…accept it (whatever it may be)
  • They don’t owe you an explanation, get over it.
  • Your kind of love is not for everyone, but it is for somebody.
  • Darling, it is OK to cry a river just don’t buy a boat and start paddling in there! (It will take you nowhere)
  • You are beautiful. You are handsome. You were fearfully made by The Man Himself (God)
  • You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. Don’t stop loving!
  • Nothing is wrong with you (Guys buckle your belts and lace your shoes. Ladies adjust your tiara and wipe your tears. )
  • Get your esteem back up and keep it moving.
  • Find your rainbow in every cloud and keep smiling.

·         Till then