Monday, 30 April 2012

Money Talks! Does it Really??

''Money talks, Bullshit walks.'' OK!

I am sure that 99% of us have heard and used this quote, even me! (ain't gonna lie) But I'm coming to realised that most of these quotes are just there to make people feel hard and gangsta-like ( don't lie we all have them days were you just wanna grunt like Rick Ross and walk like Biggie Smalls) i know i do. Especially when i am listening to my gangster songs on my ipod...sad life!

I'll say the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

Let us get back to the money talks quote. I understand that the society we live in is rotten and devoid of all its value it ever had due to the love of money. People will lie for you, lie to you and even bend backwards for money. People will throw away all what they were taught as a child and degrade themselves to an irreparable level, just because of money. I grew up in Africa and i have seen these things..yep i have. Live too,no Hollywood or Nollywood business. It does happen. Money makes people forget all life's values and i don't just mean the lack of money but also the presence of money does that to people. It is a shame, but money does have a very loud voice in some people's lives especially when their next meal depends on it.

Only if you give it the power to - You are in control.

Money may have a voice in some people's lives and situation, yes i agree but only if you allow it to. Those who believe in life's morals and refuse to succumb to the pressures of this world, still hold their grounds.I personally say BRAVO to such species. One thing i have noticed though is that you have the rich and you have the wealthy. Trust me there is a big difference between the two. The rich act like Money is everything and flashes it at every single opportunity they get because they ain't used to it while the wealthy on the other hand don't even need to make a force,you actually notice them, when they walk pass you, you ''take two'' like a amateur photographer. Now that is what i define as money!

Looking at society, Money does have a voice to an extent, infact to a very large extent but you have to put a cap on it or else you will eventually lose it! Like mentally. Don't get me wrong, everyone wants to have money in abundance, including me but its the power that we give to it that makes it evil and that is what i am against. Dont allow money to talk in your life, you speak to your money..afterall who work and earns it through hard labour?? If money masters your life,hmmm you my friend is finished!

However, when it comes to matters of the heart, like love and relationship, money MUST never have a voice. I cannot emphasis this enough. The moment you give voice to money, the relationship loses its value and the bullshit grow legs and starts to walk hence the other half of the quote. To be frank you shouldn't be in a relationship if money is all that counts. Come to think of it, there is a name for people like you if all your Small mind thinks about is money. Now this issue on its on is an entire blog. (Watch This Space)

I thank God for the way i was brought up. I was brought up in Sierra Leone by my grandmother in a very large family where we didn't have the best of everything but we made the most out of every single situation, no matter what. You guys would probably won't understand but money was never an issue. Not because we had it overflowing in the bank or under our pillows, but because we had each other and looked out for each other. We carried each other and up to this day, we are one another's keeper. Now show me the space for Money to have a voice or for bullshit to walk. No Chance! One thing is for sure we would have given Bullshit crutches long time ago! We never made money an issue because when its all said and done, when the curtains are pulled down, when the going gets tough, its only LOVE that will pull us through. Money is not everything! Love is greater than money. Yea i know some people will disagree but in my world, Money is definitely not everything. Money will only be your everything if you allow it to be.

My Family : ....and this is not even a fraction of us!

In some situation that you may  be faced with in life, all you  need is a winning personality, other times all the recipient needs is your trust therefore money is essential but it is the combination of so many other things and attributes that gets you the result. You will never know this till you are in a situation where money doesn't make a difference.


MONEY TALKS...yes! ( But only if you give it a voice!)

BULLSHIT WALKS.... No way, Hosay!

Till then...xoxo