Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Recipe For Success

I came across this post on one of the social websites and i thought to share. Hope it inspires you in a way. I found it very inspiring and true in many ways than one. All of them are very beneficial towards the pursuit of success but my favourite one would have to be ''Think Creatively'' It might surprise you but so many people have succeeded in life through creative thinking and they are very well known in society. Example of some of these people will have to be Steve Job (RIP) for the invention of Apple products and Bill Gates for the invention of Microsoft. These are just two prominent people in society that lived to make a mark through creative thinking.

This goes to show that we must never underestimate ourselves. If the above great men had, i don't think I'll be mentioning them on here today. So many other people are making a decent living out of their creativity and creativity means someone is actually enjoying what they do..its called talent. What better way to make a living than doing your hobby or past time?

 It is sometimes a very tricky thing - discovering our talent and i can't say for sure i have discovered mine but i know i have discovered my passion. Our talent and passion can easily be mixed up in the journey of discovering our talent but don't you worry, you are not alone.

Discover your talent and go on to make a fortune if you can. What is holding you back?

Till then..xoxo