Monday, 22 December 2014

What If CHRISTMAS means a Little Bit More…?

                                            Who is The REASON for the SEASON?


Merry x-mas, happy holidays, Happy x-mas…etc. etc.

Out of all the above the one that grind my gears is the happy x-mas / merry Xmas which is just a perfect display of the combination of modern day laziness and utter disregard for Christmas. What is so happy and merry about X mas?

What happened to Merry Christmas. Or Happy Christmas?

We are trying so hard to take the Christ out of Christmas. We are trying so hard to kill the reason for the season. Let me remind you that you can’t kill someone twice.

Are we just a holiday-starved generation? Or are we simply consumed by commercialism that we allow society to dictate how we celebrate the birth of Christ? Are we drowning in the endless adverts that tells us that Christmas is about the gifts and all the bargains? Or maybe its just innocent ignorance?

Is Christ present in the midst of all the presents?!

We pour all our time and energy into bagging Christmas deals with credit cards we can’t possibly afford. Our Christmas tree is lush and our house is dressed up like salad looking all glittery and shiny and Christmassy but really what are you doing to spread the love which Christmas is all about?

Think about those who can’t afford even a meal on that day or those who don’t have the privilege of looking towards a gift under the Christmas tree, or those who just pray for the simple things of life like clothing and shelter.

I Dare You...

We have nations killing each other, people lying in hospitals, disease infested nations daily living in fear of their lives and all some of us care about is self. Don’t you think they’ll like to receive gifts too and run to a Christmas tree on Christmas morning to unwrap gifts? Don’t you think for a day they’ll like to feel the spirit of Christmas without worrying when the next bullet will fly past their heads or give a warm hug to a loved one without the fear of catching something?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with you running up your credit card or chasing the bargains. What I have a problem is us taking the true and real meaning out of Christmas. I am certain that most kids these days don’t even know why we celebrate Christmas, all they look forward to is the gifts and what happens when you can no longer afford those gifts they so look forward to? What happens when they wake up one morning and mummy and daddy haven’t booked that holiday in the Bahamas?

You’re in trouble mummy and daddy!

We’ve made Christmas expensive. We’ve managed to pollute Christmas so much that it’s almost deemed unaffordable. We’ve made Christmas about money and materialistic gains. We’ve almost succeeded in taking Christ out of Christmas and reaping Him off His birthday. Wow…the power of societal thinking!

What If...

Some of us have managed to wrap the meaning of Christmas in our roast turkey and we think the spirit of Christmas can be found in a bottle of vodka.

Lo and behold Christmas is priceless. The love that is in you is affordable and in good amount to share to the less fortunate. The love that is in you can make a broken person whole. The love that is in you can satisfy your kids in abundance and way better than that gift from the store. You do not have to be rich to experience the spirit of Christmas. Without sounding preachy that spirit in the vodka bottle is not the spirit of Christmas!

Let’s take a step back and go to the drawing board.
       What is Christmas to you?
     How are you sharing the spirit of Christmas?
     Are you teaching your kids what Christmas is all about?
  When was the last time you showed a selfless act of genuine love?

In case we have forgotten…
         Jesus is the reason for the season… and so it shall remain.
       Jesus is Love and the season is about Love
       Christmas is about showing love
      Christmas is not about your exuberant gifts and Christmas tree

just be selfless...

If you’re not spreading love then you’re doing Christmas wrong. Jesus was born and sent into this world out of love and we needed a saviour because we all have sinned and fall short. Thinking of it there is no greater love.

Let’s have our fun and games and gifts and Christmas trees but let’s not make that the ultimate focus and forget what is important. The real and true meaning of Christmas is love.

John 3:16-17 says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."


Till then