Thursday, 8 March 2012


I woke up this morning and my Time line was flooded with videos,updates and posts about Kony.  Kony, I began to wonder? The name didn't ring the slightest of bells. I was baffled at the automatic flood that just took over both my Twitter and Facebook so i decided to have a read and watch the video to get a better insight on what Kony was all about. To my disappointment i found out he is a man not even worth knowing but because of his atrocious activities, he deserved to be all up on my time line and I don't mind.

Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (L R A) in Uganda. This man is accused of using children for over 22 years now to satisfy his selfish desires through outrageous activities such as murder,mutilation and sexual enslavement. Kony abducts and kidnaps kids and heartlessly uses the girls as sex slaves and train the boys to become child soldiers. Due to his activities he is seen as one of the worst war criminals. In my books this guy is nothing but a rebel and a heartless menace and justice must be done. His actions are unimaginable!

Joseph Kony
The Man Who Thought The World Revolves
around him
22 years is a long time and to think that thousands of children in Uganda have been going through such torture is sad, really sad. This exposure by Jason Russell who is a Co.Founder of Invisible Children has generated some questions in my mind which i am struggling to find answers to.

  • How come Joseph Kony wasn't exposed before now? 
  • Are people scared of him and the consequences of his exposure?
  • Where are the leaders and government in Uganda and what were they doing?
  • Why do we have to wait on the western world to highlight our problems in Africa before it becomes paramount?
  • How valuable is our children of today in our eyes?
  • Where is the future for Africa? 
  • ''The children are our future'' does this phrase mean anything at all to anyone?

How Kony and gang got away with murder for years i still can't comprehend. An issue like this shouldn't be turned a blind eye to neither should it be in the dark. I don't normally involve in political stories of any kind but this story hit home. Coming from a country that has suffered in the hands of wrong leadership and war,i know the consequences are never a good one and for those reasons being, I decide to expose Kony and his deadly activities in my own little way possible. I can assure you that there are lots of other African countries suffering from similar plight but who is going to put the bell on the cat, that is the big question. I can't believe i haven't seen this in the news,not even once before now and the Ugandan government didn't bother to raise awareness,even if they cant do anything about it.

The way forward is exposure as Jason and team rightly did. If it wasn't for his brave step of exposure, I and thousand other people would still be in the dark and those poor kids' lives was diminishing as the seconds go by. Jason and team didn't have all the money in the world or all the connections but what they had was a drive. A drive to rescue these children from the wrath of Kony. They raise and awareness and look what they created,even the snail knows something is boiling up on planet earth. That is the power of exposure. They have decided to use people with influence such as celebrities,athletes and billionaires to get the message across and eventually put a STOP to Kony. This is a problem in an African country but people from all over the world,Australia,Mexico etc are doing their bits to raise awareness and doing all they can to stop Joseph Kony. Unity is strength and there is strength in number.

Below is a video of a brief but concise insight into the world of Kony and gang. (LRA)

This story created a storm in me. I was shattered, shocked and angry at the same time just to think that his could have stopped time ago if someone acted when they should have. Watching the video I heard the kids speaking with not an iota of hope in their voices. This just killed me because i know the situation must have been so bad that death was seen as a better option. How sad! Even Jason's son who is just a baby, described the situation as SAD!
I applaud Jason Russell and team for this brave step of exposure. I really do and thanks for setting a bright example for our leaders in Africa.

Africa needs to stand up. The children are the future and it is vital they are cared for and looked after in order to protect our future. If we neglect issues relating to the kids what kind of future are we building for our continent. Neglect is deadly and fatal. We must learn to address issues as they are discovered and stop turning a blind eye. I'm sure Uganda wasn't oblivious to this situation but they did nothing till Jason made his first step. Do we always have to be served on a platter OR wait for our table to be prepared for us? Do we always have to wait for the western world to highlight our problems before it can be seen as an issue? The answer is no. Its time we stand up if you ask me and the time is now!

Unity is Strength
colour is of no importance

You can join in and spread the word too in your own little way as i just did. You're not too small or too poor to create an awareness so get a move on and do your bits.