Monday, 20 July 2015

The Dare

I Dare You

He says...

I dare you to tell me how you really feel. Do not just let me assume things. I understand the fear but I know you better than you think. You are waiting for something. What? Are you afraid to be the first to say it?

If you love me, why don’t you just say it? Do you think I’ll go running for the hills? Are you not convinced that I love you?

I dare you to share your pains and fears with me. Let me into your darkest place and let me hold the torch for you. I challenge you to let me carry more than just your bag when your hands are full or your shoes after a long night out.

I dare you to let me take care of you, let me love you even when you don’t feel like being loved. Do not lock me out in hopes of protecting me when you are at your weakest. Let me be your strength. Teach me how to soldier on with you.

I Dare You To Let Me Take Care Of You...

When they tell you about me, I dare you to defend me and tell them you chose me. You chose me knowing I was not perfect. When my past comes knocking, I dare you to hold my hand as we face it together. I dare you to not judge me.

Even when I say or do things to annoy you, I dare you to sit me down and tell me exactly what you think of my actions. However, I dare you to never give up on me. When I feel like I have lost the butterflies, I dare you to stay and remind me of the first time you touched my heart. When others attack you because of me, do not run. Let me prove my love to you.

When I make a fool of myself, I challenge you to laugh and remind me not to take things serious. I dare you to be my home. Let me tell you about the secrets I kept all these years. Be my safe place. When I cannot discuss work, I dare you to take my mind off it. Encourage me to share my hopes and dreams with you even when they may seem ridiculous.

When i Make a Fool Of Myself,
i Challenge You To Laugh With Me...

If you ever feel like I no longer make you happy, I dare you to stay and fight for us. Tell me you love me as often as you feel it not just when you think I need to hear it. When you are upset with me, talk to me. Do not shut me out. Tell me how you always feel without reservations.

When I am studying for my speech in the morning, I dare you to lay your head on my lap and critique my every word. If I have to stay late at work, never accept it. Remind me of where my priorities should be.  When you feel like you’ve got no more fight left in you, let me fight for you.

Do not go gently into that good night, scream, kick, and push as hard as you can. I will always be there to grab your hand. I cannot promise you the stars or the world…but I will love you. I will love you with every fibre of my being.

When we are being tested, let me be selfish with my love. Let me refuse to take no for an answer. Let me beg God each hour for you. Do not hide you tears. Let me cry with you. I dare you to hold on with every ounce of your might. Most importantly, remind me to always laugh with you.

Let Me Beg God Each Hour For You...

Endure my silly jokes with a smile. Laugh with me when I try to put on a serious face around people we find funny. Surprise me anyway even though you know I hate surprises. When I sing in the shower, join me and lets sing our duet. When I am a mess because I’m sick, call me a big baby and treat me like one.

I ask you to show me you trust in what we have. It may not have been what either of us expected but it is pure and true.  So whenever I am angry with you, I want you to remember that I love you. Do not apologise because you want to make me happy when I am wrong. Tell me you love me and stand your ground. I will fuss but I will admit my wrong.

If you think another might have won my heart, I dare you to challenge me to prove you wrong. I promise you that I’ll never betray your love because its value is immeasurable. You are not always going to love me but love me anyway.

You Are Not Always Going To Love Me
 But Love Me Anyway...

Promise me you will never keep your feelings from me. When the world gives up on me, I challenge you to not give up on me. Share your dreams with me and let me share mine with you.

I dare you to explore the world with me. Get lost with me. When I am down, pick me up and remind me of the man I am. I dare you to not hide behind your independence. When I cry, know that I do so without fear of judgement because I do so in the presence of my love.

I promise to tell you everything about me. I promise to always be there for you. I promise to always love you. While I might fail you at times, I dare you to never give up on me. The next time we speak, I dare you to tell me exactly how you feel.

I love you.


Writer: Mr Ganda
You can check more of his work by clicking the link below.

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