Friday, 13 February 2015

I Dare You...

I dare you to send that text first and not play the hide and seek behind the keyboard, to let yourself be vulnerable and be human. To not be afraid to translate your feelings into words and actions.

I Dare you...

I challenge you to tell me exactly how you’re feeling, good or bad, in love or out of love. I challenge you to always endeavour to let me know!

I want you to make that phone call when you want to speak to me, trash the pride and ego and tell me how bad you were aching to talk to me…how bad you want to see me.

And I want to see you be a man, in the midst of your boys, no fronting. Have the guts to show me off…even when your boys think you’re whipped. Hold my bag when my hands are full, carry my shoes when I can no longer carry myself on my heels after a long night out.

I dare you to not string me along when I no longer give you butterflies or make your heart smile.

When I’m no longer a source of inspiration and happiness, I want you to turn the lights off but first I dare you to let me know.

When i'm No Longer A Source Of  Happiness....
Please Let Me Know

Against the odds, I want you to stand up for me, when people say I’m no good for you, when the crowd wails that you’re too good for me, when the hearsay gets too much and when the noise of the market tries to overcome what we have, I want you to be a rock for me.

Be a shoulder to cry on, a solace where I can channel my inner cry baby and not be ashamed. A place where I just know everything is going to be okay…eventually.

I challenge you to never keep me around for convenience. When you feel your heart beats for me only out of pity, I implore you to blow the candle out.

I want you to be my vault, the one I can tell my darkest twisted secrets. I dare you to be my place of no judgement. Someone I can tell about my most embarrassing moments and the fall I had on the staircase when no one was watching. The time I pronounced a word wrongly in public and that time my bank card got declined with a queue of people behind me. Oh the horror!

When other temptations are flaunted at you, I dare you to say no. To display a true strength of character and integrity and maturity - to let the world know that what you already have is enough!

But when I’m no longer enough for you, when your heart is full and exhausted and can no longer go on… I dare you to let me know.

I dare you to be my goofy funny and silly best mate. Laugh with me and laugh at me. Let’s do it uncontrollably till our belly ache. Laugh at my stupid jokes and be stupid with me. Whenever I feel like taking myself too seriously, remind me how stupid I look.

Can We Make Laughing Our Tradition?

Promise me that we will never forget to laugh.

But when I step out of line, I dare you to put me back in line. When I act out of character have the balls to tell me where I went wrong, not with any resentment but in love.

When the going gets tough, and the tough gets going, pray with me and pray for me. Remind me of God’s love when I don’t feel too loved, when I feel like calling quits, remind me why I started in the first place.

I know it’s not always going to be all stars and giggles but remind me to smile when troubles try to tie a knot in my soul. When the storm comes to play, remind me and never forget to tell me that no storm can take the sunshine away.

I challenge you to have confidence in what we share, that no matter what happens in the future we will know that what we had was real and true.

If we go a day without talking, I want you to remember the good times. The days that brought so much laughter and happiness and I want you to use that memory to put a smile on your face.

Some nights, I’ll be human and fart in my sleep. Can we laugh about it in the morning?

I know there are going to be days when you’ll hate me but …..Love me, love me even when you hate me. Love me even when I am hard to love. Love me even when I am unbearable and a handful.

Love Me...Even When You Hate Me

We are going to disagree but let’s never forget to be respectful and considerate to each other. We are going to be angry with each other but promise me we will fight through it with love.

And never make me look stupid.

Let’s not forget the bad days are there to make us appreciate the good days more. Sometimes the only way up is down and we must never forget this.

Sometimes I might just need a tight hug and a warm cuddle, be my baby pooh bear and hold me tight and assure me of your love for me because no matter how independent and sure I always look, there are going to be days when I’ll need you. Be there… I dare you.

I’ll miss my steps and stumble, other days I might fall, be there to pick me up and cure my bruises. I’ll be crushed and not fit for anything on some days, I challenge you to be my ace.

 I dare you…I challenge you!

Happy Valentines Day Lovers

 For the long haul - you can count on me to be your…

to be contd.

Till next time