Friday, 30 January 2015

Let’s Do It For The Gram...

Hold on a sec, I am just going to push up this left boob a bit more , yes that’s it, and this right one a bit to the centre, that’s it. This is guaranteed a smooth 101 likes and maybe a few compliments on the comment box.


Aite aite …these chicks love muscles and a bit of beard, let me take this vest off and take a selfie real quick. Yea that’s it, and another nice angle of the packs...yup. This should send a little chaos towards my inbox.

When guys Show off!! 
I see you!

I smell chaos, I see an attention seeker, and I can sense loneliness. I hear a desperate scream for validation, I prescribe a reality check.

Grown women. Grown men. Underage kids. No one is exempted from this ‘’let’s do it for the gram syndrome’’

Our generation is breaking and so is my heart.

The thirst for likes, the hunger for compliments and the ever-growing craving for shares is taking over. But really brethren it’s not that serious.

We are humans who love a free show, discounted stuff, better still free stuff. And you’re there offering on a platter of course we’re going to go crazy. I myself have been known to love a bargain and a buffet…yea I’m shameless but can you blame me though?!

You’re all cleavage-up, in your thong, naked washboard of twelve packs on display… They will like the hell out of your pictures and make you think you’re the best thing since slice bread, they will share till the share button declines their shares, they will give you compliments that will make you feel like you can walk on water but if you can’t swim like me, don’t try it!

But that’s why you posted that naked pic though isn’t? that’s why you posted that pic of you in your sitting room in a bikini, (are you okay girl) the same reason why you posted that pic of your boobs and all the while claiming you’ve got a new hair style, yea I see you. The same reason why you strategically posed so your ass can look fuller and more enticing…all for the gram, the likes and the shares.

Anything For The Likes huh?

You claim you’re getting it in the gym but all I can see is you flexing those muscles and squinting the living daylight out of your eyes…brother can you see though? You’re there struggling to grow that beard too, can I just state that not all girls love beards because this latest obsession with beards is spiralling out of control and we need to make it stop. Beard doesn’t make you automatically attractive neither does the muscles but anything that floats your boat buddy.

101 smooth likes, couple of overly sugar-coated compliments and 50 shares... mission accomplished. But how are these contributing to your life? What purpose do they serve because whatever it is, let me just tell you that it Is going to be temporary and unless you’re a model or getting paid to some extent ( I wouldn’t want to judge your hustle you see) then you have no business posting such provocative and suggestive pictures.

Has it ever occurred to you that some of these compliments are full of lies and these likes have nothing to do with you being beautiful or handsome, it has to do with how your picture made me feel, that very moment in time? If it’s a nude pic, they will like it and if there is a love button they will love it. It’ll be very damaging for you to think that all those likes, over shares and compliments are because you’re actually handsome or beautiful.

What happens when you’re fully clothed and you post that pic of you in your church attire? You get few likes, no compliments and no shares. Are you going to drop dead? Or will you run to the stores and purchase the latest push up bra or run to the ever faithful mirror and strip to show off that twelve pack?

The do it for the gram syndrome is ruining lives!

Banksy captured my thoughts in this art!

Don’t get me wrong now, I love my shorts and all things short, so you’ll always catch me in such attires but there’s is suggestive and provocative and then there is you just doing your calm and innocent thing. Trust me, there is a difference.

You’re on the beach or on holiday, of course I would expect to see you in your bikini and shorts and sexy sundress. I would expect to see you in all your glorious and fabulous self, but when I start seeing you in your bedroom with little or nothing on, then I start questioning your sanity.

Leave something for the imagination. Did mama not teach you that?!

None of that it’s my life and I can do what I want BS….nope! It is your life no doubt but you have to take complete responsibility for your actions. Your actions affect and influence more people than you think… I can hear you saying (I’m living my life for no one) agreed but to every right there is a responsibility and your responsible for a lot more than you think.

You are a responsible for your image and reputation and whether you like it or not, that is something you have to protect. That is your brand. That is who you are. Few years down the line you’ll be glad you did.

Let This Be Your Motto For Social Media

You’re a teacher, whether you agree or not. You do not have to be on the pulpit or in the classroom, old and young will look at you and change their lives, they will make life changing decisions and all the while you don’t even have a clue. You influence people daily, good or bad that is up to you.  They might not always tell you but more people look up to you than you think. Is nudity the message you want to be sending across?

You’re responsible for you. How do you feel after all the likes and compliments you so desperately desire? How do you sleep at night? Do they keep you warm? The likes, are they sending money straight into your bank account. That feel good feeling, how long does it last for? Ask yourself honestly, is it worth it? Is that beard keeping you warm?

I am not being preachy here but you’re being very mean to yourself. You’re making yourself vulnerable and open to the crazy paedophiles and sex-crazed humans of this world. Sometimes we create our own storms and complain when we get wet. Don’t be that person.

You guys flaunt money and six packs and then complain when you attract the wrong people in your life. You’re always closing circles, deleting friends and glorifying haters (really anytime you complain about haters you’re glorifying them) but what you really should be doing is taking care of self. That’s number one, that is bae and that is home. When the house (your being) is in order, where does the wrong people seat?! No chance mate!

Where lies your self-respect, self-esteem and self-love. I mean, don’t you love yourself? Why are you so violent towards your being? Why are you so cruel and evil to yourself? Who hurt you when you were young?!

You’re out there showing your goodies to people who don’t give two rats about you. They don’t even know you and you’re throwing a party for them. Free entry, food and drink (your body). Girl you’re worth more. Boy get it together.

This Sums Everything Up!

You’re a representation of every woman and man on this earth and if you’re selling cheap (yup men can be deemed cheap too) where does that leave the rest of us? How can we even begin to give value to the market again? In order for us to win the fight, we need to fight as a team. We need to be on the same boat and send the same message across.

Love yourself enough to know that every good thing comes from within. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean! If only you knew! You have all the love in you and God has given you all the validation you need. Man is fickle and temporary.

Work on yourself. Read books, spend time alone without feeling lonely, and be happy about little things. Don’t compare yourself to no one. And remember beauty lies within. Go to the gym if it makes you feel better, run, jog, and eat healthy (or whatever the heck you want if you’re anything like me). Take 100 selfies, and admire yourself. Find your best features and accentuate them with your favourite makeup, write down one thing you love about yourself every day, it could be your personality, or the way you talk passionately about things you love.

Find a Hobby and Work Passionately at it!

Fill that void in you with the things you love. Find a hobby, do things that you love. Listen to music, watch your favourite movies 50 times over, cook and cleaning can be an awesome therapy too. Learn something new, it could be baking or playing an instrument. A new language. Or a new craft. Understand that you are whole without the likes and someone else’s validation.

After all this, you can boast of it on social media and the likes you get wouldn’t matter because you’ve already gained that inner satisfaction that no man can take that away from you. The likes and compliments are just a bonus. You start to notice that you’re not dependent on them anymore, you realise you don’t need them but a few compliments here and there wouldn’t hurt no one.

Signed & Sealed  - God Did That!
God is love and He has enough to shower you till your cup runneth over. God signed and sealed the deal with you since you were in your mother’s tummy, what else do you need?! concentrate on things that matter and create the best version of yourself.

I used to gram for the likes and the followers till I did my 100 happy days of Happiness. This was however not out of low self-esteem, this was me following trends of having lots of followers and subconsciously joining in the charade for likes. Unnecessary competition that I don’t even need to be part of. 100 happy days challenge kind of put things into perspective for me. That really taught me something. I highly recommend it. Maybe you should try it.

Whenever you feel like joining the bandwagon, remember and Understand that social media is a monster, it’ll build you up and have you for breakfast.  
Now let that resonate!

Till then