Thursday, 14 February 2013

Let's Talk About Love

Its St Valentine's day and being the hopeless romantic that I am, I can't help but give y'all something to munch on. Some people despise this day, some people live for this day and some people just don't give two rats about this day. I am not going to dwell on what Valentine's day is all about because even a six year old can give you a mind blowing lecture on it. It's Lover's day y'all. :)

Abort Bitterness & Enjoy the Day

Let's talk about love. 

What Is Love To You? 

For me I think love is a mental joke. The way it takes over your senses...*nods head* and the funny thing is we don't know it, in fact we never do till reality slaps us across the face that is if we're lucky. It is a Mental illness because when you fall in love you are never the same. Even the most sensible person lose it when they're in love. You on the outside start asking questions and wondering what is going on. But looking on from the outside you can never understand the whole picture.Well that's the beauty of love. It's between the two and what they share or what is holding them together is something an onlooker will never be able to lay a finger on and that's because love is not meant to be understood neither do you need a reason to love. You just love because you love. See how that sounded a bit goes on to show, Love is not there for you to study it. Give it'll fail miserably my friend.

The Power Of Love....Have you been affected?

When someone is in love, nothing really seems to matter. Sensible advise just sounds like gibberish to you and you become totally oblivious to your surroundings. It might not be the right love and all the warning signs might be flashing but you just do a Stevie Wonder to them signs.... the power of love! That feeling I personally think is the best feeling in the world. I don't care if I am going to hit my last toe painfully in the end or if it will all end in a minute. For that moment I'm happy and my happiness is all that matters,even if it's short lived. Regrets don't live here, no matter what, just lessons learnt. Most times these are moments that you will hardly forget in your entire life. These are moments you start to make life stories. Being in love and being loved back in return is a high no drugs is able to lift you to. And that my friends is love for ya.

Are You Bitter About Love or do You Embrace Love Despite all Your Short Comings? 

I think love is something we should not give up on because a life with no love is a sad life which gets lonely sometimes. Some people have a mind that is bullet proof against love, love can't penetrate and even if love slaps them across the face they won't notice. These people have shut their hearts down totally and the word love which is supposed to bring a smile now brings about pain. These people are bitter and that is a dangerous place to be. You might not get it right the first time or the second time but in the end have some faith that you will. What is a love story without trials? The greatest love stories normally include blood, sweat and tears. Once bitten, twice shy? I totally understand this but don't let one bad experience spoil it for you because you could be missing out on something good....something real good! Embrace love but while you're at it don't forget a little bit of self loving till the right one comes along.

Do They Scare You?

It's no competition. It's not a marathon. It's not the Olympics and it's definitely not a game. We all know these people that paint the picture of a perfect relationship and claims everyday is Valentines Day. Really?   Liars..Liars Liars!! In this chaotic and busy world we live in, are you trying to tell us that you're all loved up everyday or you have time to express your feelings everyday? OK! GTFOH!! They make you feel inadequate? Don't be! You have your own choices to make and your own life to live. The picture you might be seeing from the outside can be totally different from the actual life they're living. Things are not always what they seem. 99% of the time, they ain't about that life. Don't get jealous and don't get scared even if they have the perfect relationship. Wish them well and believe its perfect for them but not right for you. Live your life and when you're least expecting it, love waltz into your life...because that's the way love goes.

This post can go on and on and on but y'all got plan for V.Day. hehehe....Let me don't hold you up.

If you're happily in love, enjoy the day and show your other half just how much he or she means to you despite you not showing it everyday.

If You're single and sad, don't drown yourself in a tub of ice cream, gym membership is not cheap.  There's hope. Invest in some self loving, smile and make an opening for love....It'll be worth it. ;)

If you're single and happy....continue to stay happy but don't stay too happy and comfortable for too long. Everyone needs somebody. :)

If you are happily married.....don't get too comfy and forget to show your partner how much they mean to you. It's easy to get comfy when you've got it in the bag. Remember, it's not just about bagging it, it's about keeping it....not only keeping it but keeping it fresh and exciting.

But hey ..what do i know.. I'm just a hopeless romantic. :)

Is All We Need

Till Then...