Monday, 12 May 2014

They Can Be Your Happy

.....Without controlling your happiness

It’s that feeling you get that feels like you’re floating like Aladdin on the magic carpet. That feeling you get like electricity has just been powered through your house after waiting for days in Sierra Leone. It’s that feeling you get like a new you has been created. It’s like that feeling you get when you see your waiter coming through with your food. Oh the joy!

Is Everything, Everything else is overrated!

I know the importance of being happy with yourself and finding happiness within yourself but I also know the importance of someone influencing your happiness. I know the importance of being in total control of your happiness but I also know the joy experienced when we let people in and allow them to add to your happiness. They become your subtle dose of happy without being your source of happiness.

When you have someone to share this life with, life becomes a journey worth riding. A wave worth sailing on and it all starts to make sense, even the confusion. All the years spent building that person you are now, that person who is sure of who they are, that person who is more than happy to be on her own and not crave unwanted and needless attention, that beautiful self-sufficient soul.

It is the moments that you never plan, that ends up staying in your heart forever!

You become hopeful and extra excited about life. Mondays are no longer Mondays, and the weekend suddenly has a new rhythm to it. You don’t waste your days craving for the nights nor waste the mornings craving for the weekend. You see the sunset and the sunrise and just wished they were there to experience it with you. You recognize beauty and wish they were there to see it with you. You hear your favorite music on the radio and you just wish they were right by your side to rock with it. You sniff a stranger’s perfume and your senses automatically races to that one person, that oh so familiar place.

Even the sunset is worth experiencing with them...

That uncontrollable laughter, the itchiness of your fingers to keep checking your phone for their message, the chaotic, restless breathing mix with that feeling inside that is indescribable. Yes, indescribable for the mere fact that you can’t put it into words. Some experiences in life are like that. Don’t force yourself to understand it. Don’t force yourself to explain it. Just experience it and keep it in that special little corner of your heart, together with all your cherished goodies.

There's no definite quota for happiness...

When you find that little powerhouse of yours that just lights up your heart and sends current down your spines then you know true happiness. It doesn't mean you are weak or feeble. It just means you’re grown, grown enough to let people in without allowing them to control your happiness. Grown enough to cultivate your inner happiness and allow others to help water it. It’s a grown thing. Only the grown will understand. This doesn't happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it takes forever.

Being scared of letting people in only shows that you still need to do more work within, more self-development and more soul searching. When you’re not fully aware of whom you are as a person, it is very easy to be influenced by outside forces, and it becomes easy to be confused and lose your balance in life.

You don't often see it coming..

However, as confused as these years may seem, this place is not a bad place to be at all. No one has their shit together. So if you are working hard at it, trying to figure it out then you’re on track. You are not alone either; there are thousands of us in that same boat, paddling on, slowly but surely. Paddle on!

You're not alone!

You need to develop your whole being to a state where you are a force all by yourself regardless but with someone else you become a movement. They become a bonus, a bonus that adds the extra Sss to your happiness.

You're good all by yourself but Together you're a force!

Find that balance, it is not an easy thing to do but when you do, life becomes easier and don’t be too busy building a brick wall and forget to let people in. Remember bricks hurt people.

They can be your Happy…. ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Till then