Thursday, 9 January 2014

30+ Things I Learnt In 2013

I made an endeavor to learn from every single happenings in my life in 2013. 

Why?  Well no point going through the same hole and getting wet or stuck over and over again. That is insanity!

We live and we learn, so here goes…

We Live To Learn...

1.       Strengthen your love in private so you’ll stand tall and strong in public

2.       Your kind of love is not for everyone

3.       A Bad decision doesn't make you a bad person

4.       God has a way of surprising his people when we least expect it

5.       It is OK to cry, it is OK not to be OK

6.       I am my own best friend

7.      I am something special. I am not a drop in the ocean, I am The Ocean.  You don’t have to believe it but I am telling you because I know!

8.       My mother is my greatest critic but ultimately my biggest fan and the purest form of love

9.       Timing is everything – You’ll never get it right with someone who is not ready!

10.   If it doesn't make you happy, then it is never worth it

11.   Never allow yourself to be bullied into silence, speak up with wisdom and let your voice be heard

12.   Love only beams love towards you

13.   Trust your gut instincts

14.   Never be afraid to say no or yes

15.   Abandon your comfort zone and Make life an adventure.

16.   I am allowed and supposed to make mistake simply because that’s life

17.   Friendship is not about the people you've known the longest or the people who are always near

18.   Embrace your failures as much as you celebrate your triumph, that’s just life!

19.   Time and distance has nothing on true friendship

20.   Let go off people who do not wish to stay in your life, some people are only in your life for a season, a reason and a lesson

21.   Forget what people think, you’re imprisoning your happiness

22.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, there are some people who will remain in your life for lifetime…if not in presence then in memories.

23.   Life often gives signals before the storm, watch out for them, do not ignore the signs, set emotions aside and interpret them right

24.   Happiness is everything. Everything else is overrated.

25.   Do not let your emotions outweigh your intelligence. 

26.   Control your emotions or they will control you. (Especially if you’re an emotional wreck like myself)

27.   There is no Mr Perfect. Just find that one person whose flaws are right for you!

28.   Everything you do in this world has an effect on someone else. Tread carefully

Don't Try To Understand It...Live It To The Fullest

29.   Pride kills faster than poison. Abort pride!

30.   Learn to love your inner monster…. (Oh yea, we all have one. You've got one too!)

31.   If you wish to be bad, best believe you’ll always find an audience. Likewise if you decide to play good you will always find an audience. Do what’s best for you.

32.   Do not stop to throw stones at every barking dog, you’ll end up nowhere

33.   The number of people in your corner does not equate your success.

34.   Always look for ways to improve your life, always. Read books and keep an open mind

35.    You think you've got it bad sometimes until you hear someone else’s story - ‘’If we all threw our problems into a pile and saw everyone else’s, we would grab ours back as fast as we could.’’

Last but not the least, Fairy Washing Up Liquid is simply the best there is ~ I never knew this till i got living on my own. :)

I must end with my fav quote of the year..

‘’Life is a beautiful struggle’’

In life sometimes we get thrown the good, the bad and the ugly. Does that mean you stop fighting? NO. Does that mean you stop living life to the fullest? NO!

Embrace life. Entertain no regrets. Abhor no grudges. No one said it was going to be easy. No one said it was going to be one jolly ride but one thing I have experienced is Life is what you make of it.

....It's All In Your Hands

2014 is here…. what are you going to make of it?

Have you learnt anything at all last year? Let’s hear about it.

Till then…