Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Music Of The Month

Ladies and Gents...

I know y'all have been great!

I have a new addiction (I might be late) but it’s too good not to share.

My love for music is just immeasurable; you might already know this if you have been following my blog updates.

‘’Write me a love song, send me a letter….tell me you love me’’
        My fav extract from Love Song~ Timi Dakolo

Wooooooiiii… it touched me!!

Well to start off the best thing that happened to me in this month of June so far was my subscription to Sky TV and I must say I am lurrving it. Imagine coming from Virgin Media which is a major reap off. Reap off because it’s expensive and no good value for money. The diverse number of channels I get on my Sky TV brings one big smile to my face. Too bad people are deprived of such due to the position of their houses…..Oh well. (I actually think they should get this sorted, they are losing customers)

Anyhooo….I am not a Sky rep, let me get on with what I have to tell y’all.

Normally while I’m in the kitchen or around the house doing chores, I like the blaring sound of music, I actually do love loud music because loud music is just life!! Turning my TV on (I think it was BET…Virgin Media don’t have that! :P )  I then went on to the kitchen to cook my dinner. Not too long, I heard this smooth modulated voice streaming all the way from the sitting room to the kitchen. I quickly wiped my hand and dashed into the sitting room.

Guess who was there breathing life through my TV? ….. Timi Dakolo!! Singing one of his hits ‘Love Song'. People, the song I fell in love with was Love Song!

Timi Dakolo

 Wait for it… I have never heard any of his music nor his name before but his music was speaking to me. I couldn't help but take a seat and get lost for a few minutes in such awesome talent.

Now this is what good music should do to you. Music must be so good that it draws you in, connects with you on another level and get you lost into it so much that you forget all your worries in the process. (Even if it’s for a swift second) The power of good music is tingling to the soul; it makes you crave for more and sends all your senses into rebellion.

This fine dark chocolate of an African, Timi Dakolo who has the voice of R. Kelly and strangely resembles Tinie Tempah in a very appealing way was born in Ghana but originally from Nigeria. He started singing at the tender age of 12.

Love Song By Timi Dakolo

In the video for ‘Love Song’ He wore a black leather jacket which was strategically left open to confuse the ladies, exposing all his glorious six pack (is it just me, it’s getting pretty hot in here…phew)  It’s all good, Timi can confuse us all he likes, we’re not complaining.. :) The sad news is ladies, he is off the market :(

He is indeed a good looking guy and this was definitely a bonus to the video which I absolutely loved. Timi Dakolo put so much emotion into this song that you can’t help but feel like falling in love all over again. He was touching a special place in my body with his voice, I won’t lie. A brilliant love song by a beautiful human…ahh my friends, it doesn't get better.

Love is such a strong emotion and this was beautifully conveyed through his song ‘Love Song’

Loved it, absolutely loved it! All I can tell you now is that song is on constant repeat till further notice.

Music too sweet!

Hey what are you waiting for? …hit YouTube up and get addicted like me, I’m sure you’ll like it (I've got good taste, you see ;) hehehe)

Till then